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Future world


(Max Nocerino) #1

We are currently living in the Information Age. The next ages of humanity are as follows

  1. The Post-Information Age
    -not too far in the future. Maybe 20 years
  2. The Fusion Age
    -the discovery of sustainable fusion power ushers in a new Era of unlimited energy and the end of fossil fuels
  3. Nano Age
    -Nanotechnology truly takes off and permeates every aspect of life
  4. Interstellar Age
    -With the discovery of Faster-than-light travel, humans can now explore the galaxy
  5. Intergalactic Age
    -After learning how to transverse the void between galaxies, humanity explores the universe
    6.Post-Intergalactic Age
    -Humanity begins to settle and inhabits all parts of the universe. Things go back to the basics.
  6. Energy Age
    -Humanity learns how to convert themselves to pure energy and exist in their own designer universes.
    7+. The Big Crunch
    -The universe ends and a new one is born in its place
    This is how I envision the future. Except for the 7+ Big Crunch Era, can you help me think of 10 future inventions/ technologies for each era?

(Michael Hrenka) #2

What are your ideas based on exactly? What characterizes the post-information age compared to the information age? Why do you see “fusion” coming earlier than “nano”?

My own framework is the civilization systems progression starting with:

(Max Nocerino) #3

The Post-Information Age is just that. The span of time after this before nuclear fusion is discovered. As for nuclear fusion, I believe it will be achieved first, before we really start to use nanotechnology.