Fully-Automated Gay Luxury Space Communism!

Many topics here are about basic income and cryptocurrencies, but it always bothered me that many futurists can envision a world filled with spaceships and robots where everybody gets free money from the internet, but not one where most isn’t owned by the few?


That’s because the general expectation of technological advance is a decline of marginal costs toward nil and an expansion of individual ownership of production, undermining the traditional paradigms and economic/political power structures of the Industrial Age. Thus in an environment of ever-increasing abundance and on-demand availability, what then is the point of ‘ownership’? What sort of ‘stuff’ is valuable?

There is actually a lot of dystopian SciFi featuring a kind of economic singularity, where corporations have assumed ownership of everything, all the wealth has concentrated into the hands of a tiny few, and the world reduced to a collection of vast corporate company towns where everyone rents everything and is reduced to the life of serfs. But for this to happen, something critical has to stratify progress generally --for instance, some disaster or war or the exploitation of a legal system and authoritarian government to totally lock-up intellectual property and knowledge, suspension of essential market rights like the First Sale Doctrine, and the violent suppression of independent engineering, hacking, and entrepreneurship. (which corporations have actually been pursuing lately --with mixed results-- since they now understand that, with marginal costs in decline, IP exclusivity is the only remaining basis of market share)

Futurists have generally left the dystopianism to the SF writers. They would rather anticipate or evangelize a positive, hopeful, future because there’s no shortage of negativity about it in the mainstream media.


I wanted to say that Basic Income implies a world where capitalists continue to own the means of production and most people don’t work for them anymore, instead they live of a basic income that the government grants them. So, most people would be unemployed and live of $1000+ a month while a few techies who still work get far more and capitalists claim most for themselves. It’s a dystopian world with a two-caste society of unemployed plebs vs still-working nobility.

Basic Income makes people even more dependant on capitalism and constant consumption, otherwise the companies would loose revenue, so the government gets less taxes and has to reduce basic income unless it isn’t enough to live off.

And then there are those “crypto-currencies”. What makes them better than regular currencies? They are only used by speculators and criminals. With all those crypto-currencies out there, who is going to use them anyway?

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Das BGE ist der Übergang zur Star Trek Gesellschaft und macht in wenigen Jahren Geld und Besitz überflüssig! Das BGE wird Angebot und Nachfrage in die Balance bringen und an die wachsende Produktivität der vollautomatischen Wirtschaft angepasst werden. Es wird nicht lange dauern, bis zu 10.000 Euro / Globo im Monat, dann wird Geld überflüssig und jeder nimmt sich was man benötigt.

Besitz von Produktionsmitteln = Floskeln der Altideologie! Wenn jeder über einen 3DMaterie-Drucker verfügt, kann man alles ausdrücken, was man braucht, dann wird jeder über “Produktionsmittel” verfügen. :wink:

BGE = Freiheit, Chancengleichheit, Gerechtigkeit
Mögliches Modell: 2500 Franken als Basis Einkommen für alle Staatsbürger, alle anderen Einkommen kommen obenauf.
Kinder erhalten die selbige Höhe, denn Kinder haben durch ihre Ausbildung einen besonderen hohen Finanzierungsbedarf.
Finanzierung: Mikrosteuer, gestaffelte Verbrauchssteuern, Helikoptergeld.
“Eine Arbeitsgruppe, bestehe aus allen Personen, wird bis 2019 Grundlagen zur Einführung des bedingungslosen Grundeinkommens in Liechtenstein schaffen.”

http://www.vaterland.li/liechtenstein/vermischtes/konzept-fuer-bedingungsloses- grundeinkommen-im-land;art171,339358