Frustration: Neuralink


Today I wants to talk about what frustration means to me. I’ve been interested in neural interfacing since the 1990’s. Indeed, the book-length story I wrote in the period 2001-2003 featured neural interfacing and was my first serious, published exploration of neural interfacing.

I didn’t get any traction with it and I tried to set up my education so that I would be on track towards AI/neural interfacing. I had trouble with the goddamned humanities co-reqs such as the “ENG 111” courses. I did what I could to establish a career but I haven’t had a job in the last 5 years at this point. =(

Meanwhile, I knew it was time to start getting serious about getting a project to develop a neural interface going, so I did a bit of a blitz involving my “transhumanism: A comprehensive plan” and “Brain Job”

I tried to promote these, within the limits of my ability, but nobody seemed to be able to understand them and I really don’t have any stature that would cause people to invest the effort required to get through them.

So I sank into depression, and the stress of a foreclosure lawsuit brought on by my HOA. – NEVER LIVE IN A HOA NEIGHBORHOOD!!!

So basically I shut down and played space video games for two years+ straight.

During that time, the notorious Elon Musk came to apparently the same conceptual ideas I had been thinking about fifteen years ago and, unlike almost all other transhumanists, actually started a company to get it done. Due to his notoriety, he can get people to pay attention to him, and due to his existing business ventures, he can happily execute a business plan with a 10-12 year + breakeven point where someone like me would need to find a way to prophetability (sic) in six months or financing would be impossible. I had hoped to connect with other transhumanists out there and actually develop a business… but NOOOOOOOOO.

So now Musk has started his new company and put out a recruitment website, which is currently the sole content of

Being a startup, and being the musk, he wants a dream team. Not an unemployed transhumanist who thought he could start and build on a career as a computer person in America. =(


The only strategy I can think of for myself at this point is to start spamming the internet with well-written articles about neural interfacing and hope for the best. =(