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Freedom 101

I felt like making a post to review the essentials of Freedom. Freedom is the natural state of man. Whether from g0d, the FSM, or the basic physical processes, man was born free. However, today, we find ourselves constantly battling tyrany on all fronts it seems.

What then is Tyranny, Tyranny is the work of evil men who use their innate powers not to better their own lives but to insturmentalize their fellow men, either for material gain or to satiate their lusts for power and domination. There is good power and there is evil power. Virtuous powers, like those of Superman are focused inwards, increasing one’s own virtue and mastery of one’s self and potential to do things in the world. Viscious powers are those that are directed at other people, to force others to do things or to not do things.

Modern forms of slavery dispense, for the most part, with the usual parafanalia of slavery. Three main tools of enslavement come to mind. These are, simply, desires, fears, and belief.

When the Tyrant finds out what you want, he will either threaten to take it for you or take it from you and then meter it back to you for your compliance. The things you want most are the most dangerous thing for your enemy to know. Part of that is why your personal data is such a hot commodity.

When the tyrant finds out what you fear, he will show it to you everywhere it can be found and produce it in whatever quantity is required. He will continue to menace you with your fears until you comply. You must control your fears and not let them be a tool for someone else to control you. Whenever you are threatened through fear, never “pay the pirate”, instead pay the man who defends you from the pirate.

It is the human condition that we cannot know the truth, we are only able to form beliefs, and have the choice to do our best to align them with what our senses tell us is true. True facts are incredibly powerful. The tyrant, however, wants you weak so will do everything possible to make you believe things which are false. In our corrupted society, any proposed fact with ANY political or economic ramifications must be treated with extreme sceptacism. This situation seriously sucks. There are tremmors in the force that indicate that the elite have had a cure for cancer YEARS ago, work through the implications of that. For all parctical purposes, every word written about the alleged virus is at least partially false. Work through what that means.

Anyway, these are the basic fundamentals of being a free sentient lifeform.


What’s the basis for that kind of claim? I don’t think the natural state of humans is characterized by freedom. Humans are social animals. Social animals typically form hierarchies. Depending on where you stand on that hierarchy there are expectations from you. The higher animals are supposed to lead / protect, the lower ones are supposed to obey. Not conforming to such expectations can lead to punishment. Of course, you can try not to care about that punishment. Actually, that’s the only chance you have to improve your freedom.

The freedom you possess depends on your ability to deal with the suffering – especially the suffering you attract by defying the expectations of those who want you to behave in a certain way. Certain kinds of suffering can even become lethal, but that’s a risk that sometimes needs to be taken. The degree of your freedom depends on your ability to endure suffering and accept risks. In our “civilized” world we have lost sight of these basics. Just because there’s this common myth of human rights and civil rights your freedom is not guaranteed. Freedom needs to be fought for again and again, otherwise opportunists will restrict your freedom for their own gain.

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Freedom is just a concept we have, because we experience the opposite. Otherwise we would not have an expression for it. There is, for example, no such expression like “breathing freedom” because it was taken for granted, to breathe air. Air was not a commodity and we were not charged to pay for breathing. But if now the first schools and working places appear, with zones where you can lift your mask and breathe freely, our whole concept of breathing will change. And if in addition to that they will push further to make us believe their CO2-Climate Change-narrative, it is possible that we will think that we pollute the planet because we exhale CO2. A future generation might have a concept of “breathing freedom” because all those people grew up with experiences of the opposite. Maybe it will be normal to go on breathing vacation and this will be an expensive luxury.

(But i don´t believe that they will win with all this nonsense. The Corona -crisis lead to a a great awakening. )

I do not think that freedom is the natural state of man, but free will is the natural state of every living being. And whenever bad actors try to break free will, there is tyranny, yes.

I think this is an interpretation of an observation from a typical lense of a human being that is shaped by human culture. It is very difficult to leave our culturally shaped lense with which we grew up and come to alternative interpretations and conclusions. A leader is not necessarily a tyrant who needs punishment and obedience to lead a herd. On the contrary: it is possible that your freedom increases when there is a powerful beeing that protects you. A hierarchical social structure is not necessarily a tyranny when you are always free to choose to be a part of it or leave it. Ideally a herd enlarges your possibilities and not shrink them. Ideally a herd backs you to act more freely than when you are alone. If you are intrinsically motivated to be part of a community, such communities always have to enlarge your freedom. Only communities that force you to be part of it will need punishment and obedience and carrots. Expectations and hierarchies are not a problem for your free will and your freedom if you are free to choose to accept them because your gains exceed your losses when you are part of that community.

We live in interesting times and experience a shift in our consciousness concerning those concepts: community, freedom, free will, tyranny, punishment and so on. Politicians tried it with carrots: you can go to the stadium and watch a football game when you wear a mask and use only every third seat. Some will participate in this tyranny-circus but many will say: “no, thanks.” and will search for alternatives for their leasure time. You can have your holiday abroad when you get a test, a vaccination, 2 weeks quarantine before and after, a vaccine passport, the corona app, a chip in your hand, neuralink in your head, an extravehicular activity suit when you want to go to the beach and when you “give us all your belongings” …and whatever these sick people at the top dream of. People will say :“no.” And there are more every day. I don´t want to be part of this society anymore and i don´t want their carrots.

And the alternatives are growing. If big tech is censoring free speech we will quit you tube, facebook, twitter, instagram and use telegram or build our own. The tyrants are losing bigly.

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