Free (sponsored by me) Hackcamp/nexus in Thailand

Hey everyone,

I’ll have a place available for anyone with a decent project.

Features will include:

  • Fiber connection
  • Food delivered to your place of work (& clean water)
  • Airconditioners
  • Very relaxing environment - pretty much devoid of stressors.

Thailand has a steady climate. Bit hot and humid but it seems to be very comfortable (for most?) after a while. See it then believe it for me. We have airco if it’s not your thing. (shirt and shorts seems fine for most)

The location is both isolated and in the middle of a decently sized city (civilisation, doctors, etc available). It is located riverside, which is objectively fantastic. It is an hour away from Bangkok - in care you need even more civilisation. An hour the other way brings you into the mountains - all mountains are declared natural reserve where living and commerce is illegal. Tigers and exotic rhino’s roam there. (local wildlife can be lethal - but trouble is exceedingly rare)

Politically Thailand is pretty laid back. There’s some muddling with Kings and things like that, but in this city there will be no rallies or any activity at all really. You are unlikely to encounter anything about it at all.

Visa wise many countries have favourable agreements. If you are unable to to obtain a fancy visa, a tourist visa can be indefinitely renewed by leaving the country, visiting an embassy abroad and obtaining a new visa, and going back to Thailand (a “visa run”). The cost of doing this is not that high, and you can combine it with a short visit to other countries in Asia (which I recommend doing anyway).

Living costs are very low - amongst the lowest in the world. It’s a good balance between comfort and living costs. (India is markedly cheaper, but has lacking services and hygiene)


That’s really exciting news! Most readers probably hunger for details: When? What kind of place and equipment is there already? How many people are there already? Who is interesting in going there? What organisations are affiliated with that hackcamp/nexus?

That sounds great, but moving to Thailand still represents a nontrivial expense, especially if you need to do regular “visa runs”. How cheap can that get? How will people be able to deal with those expenses, if they are short on money? Will those expenses be covered (at least partially) by the Hackcamp/nexus?

And what about the expenses of living there? Is there a plan for the Hackcamp/nexus to generate some revenue to cover those?

There’s just lodging, food, water, sanitary, internet, tables. BYOD.

I’m to lease the entire terrain, including buildings. I’ll take upon myself the monthly costs, renovation costs (I do want it to look shiny), costs for laying fiber (just ADSL now), etc. It’s Thailand so it’s rather affordable. No other affiliates.

There’s nobody there atm (cleared for renovation). It should be available in 2 to 3 months. You can move there earlier, but there will be some construction/painting. You might even have to help out :wink:

A return ticket to Thailand from NEEurope is about 600 euro’s. A visa run should amount to <200 euro’s (depends on destination) including visa application cost. Compared to rent here, well, I can say it’s affordable.

If your project is really awesome or there is some profit in it (it’s possible) I might pay your moving costs. I do have ideas for projects that both generate profit and further goals I care about.

I also expect you to pay for your own food. I mean I can get you some rice and vegetables served for next to nothing (and I’m okay with sponsoring that too) but I think it’d be better for you to indulge a little and pay <10 euro’s per day to get awesome food.

The dream is that it will be a resort-like place for people coding. I prefer if it’s on liberty-encouraging projects - and to get that ball rolling I’ll sponsor some people. The “degenerate” case is that it’s just tourists or that sort of people.

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watch topic “way of the future” - may be interesting for your project

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