Fractal Future instead of Fractal Future Network

This community is technically called “Fractal Future Network”, but I’ve come to think that simply calling it “Fractal Future”, or F2, might be simpler. After all, this forum is called the “Fractal Future Forum” and not the “Fractal Future Network Forum”. So, there would be more consistency, if the community was simply called “Fractal Future”.

There might be a confusion between the “fractal future” with its “fractal society”, and “Fractal Future” as community, but since we are building the future “from within”, making a clear distinction probably isn’t even needed. We should be able to represent the future we want to create – ideally, of course.

Do you think there’s any reason not to rename the “Fractal Future Network” into “Fractal Future”?

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Boy, you really like name changes, don’t you? :smile:

I don’t have any problem with this particular change. Go ahead if you think it’s the best for the community.

Uhh, this one is not really much of a change as opposed to fine-tuning. But I guess you are right. I have to have the perfect name for everyone and everything. Nomen est omen.

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Given the lack of negative statements about the proposed name change, I am making it official now (without being ceremonial about it) that the Fractal Future Network is now called Fractal Future. (at this location I would like to include a graphic that displays officialness – unless someone has a better idea I will use the following: :white_check_mark:)

For most purposes this minute change is not relevant, but when referring to this community (or network) or its infrastructure, the overall “thing” behind it is called Fractal Future. So, the whole thing is Fractal Future. Its community is the Fractal Future community, its infrastructure is the Fractal Future infrastructure. I hope that’s clear enough. :slightly_smiling:

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