Fractal Future Forum rearragement

I am currently in the process of rearranging the forum to make it more suitable to reflect its new official slogan: “Envisioning and creating a better future”!

For that purpose, the following changes are made:

  • The categories Basic Income, Personal Development, Philosophy, Society, and Technology will become subcategories o a new broad category Discourse
  • The categories Internet of Thinkers, Transpolitica, Transhumanist Party, and Transhumanist Party Virtual will become subcategories of the new broad category Embassies which represents all outside communities which want to have an open “embassy” in the Fractal Future Forum.
  • The Fractal Cosmos project will be upgraded to a main project and get its own main category, instead of being a subcategory of the “Projects” category
  • The Projects category will be renamed into Further Projects
  • The Ideas category will become a subcategory of the Further Projects category
  • The Introductions category will become a subcategory of the Meta category
  • A new Visions category is created to invite sharing visions of the future, because envisioning the future is a central part of the Fractal Future Forum!

Everything else will be unaffected by the rearrangement. Nothing will be deleted.

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I’ve changed a few things again to clean up the “Categories” view of the forum:

  • Main categories are now displayed in a fixed order. Previously they were displayed according to activity, but the behaviour of that feature was too erratic.
  • “Internet of Thinkers” was turned into a main project category. It was a bit misplaced in the “Embassies” category.
  • The order of the main categories is now:
    • Visions
    • Main Projects
      • Fractal Cosmos
      • Digital Abundance Network
      • Internet of Thinkers
    • Further Projects
    • Discourse
    • Cafe
    • Embassies
    • Deutsch (German)
    • Meta
    • Uncategorized
  • There are a few hidden categories. Most of them are used very rarely, so I didn’t care about their position.