Fractal Cosmos To Do's list

We already have a lot of good material for Fractal Cosmos project in this forum, so I guess it’s more than time to start writing some wiki articles.

I’ve been having very limited internet access for the past few weeks, so, I’m finding it hard to work on that.

I was hoping we could divide tasks between all of us in order to make this easier.

So, what do we need to write?

  • Articles on systems C,X and V. Can you do that, @Radivis?
  • Articles on EISHEC, EISHEC 2 and their respective philosophies. @guillefix, can you do that?
  • The rest of the Second Cold War timeline and articles related to this conflict. I can do that.
  • Articles on the cloud-lord and hell-creeper civilizations. I can do that to.

There are also some things we need to discuss:

  • How exaclty will the technology evolve in the Fractal Cosmos Universe? We alredy have a general idea, but we need to go in to more detail.
  • What will be EISHEC 2’s name?
  • How will Mars be in our universe?

I’ll start topics for these issues when I have the chance.


Great initiative, Joao. Too bad you have internet issues, but I hope your problems will pass, soon. :smile: If you want me to copy specific content into the wiki just write it in [wiki]“Wiki Content”[/wiki] tags. I will find a fitting page to put it in, if you don’t specify one on your own.

Sure, there’s a clear need to do that. And it will have synergy effects with some of the other projects I’m working on at the moment. By the way: I have thought about this for a while, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it would most probable be better to call “system X” system D instead, in the sense of:

  • Distributed
  • Decentralized
  • Digital abundance
  • Direct
  • Democratic?

I think you are doing a really good job with that. I will be glad if you could bring that into a really canonical form with my support.

I feel like I should focus more on the hell-creepers, while you seem to have more ideas about the cloud-lords. Let’s see what we will come up with :smile:

Yes, this is crucial for all the timelines. Maybe we should actually focus on that first before going into politics in too much detail. Of course, politics feeds back into technological development, but technology has the leading hand and seems to be a stronger determinant.

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Yeah, I’m already working on a solution

Thanks, that maybe helpful in some circunstances.

Using the letter D does make more sense, but I don’t think we should change the name of the system. X is just more stylish :smile: And we’ve already got used to it, so, why try to fix what ins’t broken?

All right. You can write the articles on the hell creepers.

Agreed, I’ll start a topic tommorow.

Well, “system X” does indeed sound more stylish, but it was a project name out of a lack of knowledge what the next system is really characterized by. Now, we have a deeper understanding and can say more specifically how system D should look like (decentralized, with digital abundance, and basic incomes). “System X” is rather an expression of something that is unknown, and undetermined. Instead, system D is something that is a rather logical intermediate state between system C and system V.

Of course, you could still opt to call “my” system D “System X” in the context of Fractal Cosmos, but I think that might be more confusing that it’s worth it.

But we don’t really need to decide that right now. In the meanwhile, we can simply use system X and system D synonymously.

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Ok, today I’ve actually written FFW articles on systems N, A, C, D, and V. This is the current state of my big picture view of civilizational development. Please feel free to ask questions and provide feedback. There are certainly tons of things I need to explain in more detail about system D and system V.

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I’m concerned this initiative is a duplicate of both’s_Arm_Universe_Project and

While it’s true that the the form of Fractal Cosmos is in fact similar to that of those two projects, what we’re building is a fully original fictional universe based on our own ideas and conceptions.

We are not duplicating anything.

The issue of Fractal Cosmos being similar to Orion’s Arm has been discussed several times already, basically from the start of the project:

I wasn’t aware of Future Wikia, though. It seems to be an interesting resource. Thanks for mentioning it. Maybe some collaboration with them might provide some opportunity to reinvigorate Fractal Cosmos?

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