Forum Tags

I’ve just installed the tagging plugin for this forum. With the default settings, users need to have trust level 3 (or be admins) in order to be able to create new tags. Since at the moment we only have few level 3 users or admins, I want to ask all of you what kind of tags you would like to use for this forum. Letting everyone create new tags might create more confusion than it might help. It’s important that tags are meaningful, useful, and consistent. So, we should have at least some kind of consensus for what tags to use in the F3.

My own motivation for using tags was to be able to structure subcategories better. Tags can be used to create some kind of equivalent for sub-sub-categories. That feature should improve the usefulness of this forum for all kinds of projects.

Let’s start with my own ideas for structuring the Quantified Prestige category with tags. Some tags that I’d like to use are:

  • documentation
  • coding
  • feature
  • problem
  • promotion
  • recruitment

And then there’s the Netec subcategory that I also want to structure better with the following tags:

  • story
  • world
  • idea

Also, there should be some general purpose tags that might apply to all kinds of threads, but I’m not sure yet, what they might be. Perhaps it might be a good idea to use “disciplines” as tags like:

  • artificial-intelligence
  • economics
  • politics
  • psychology
  • entrepreneurship
  • fiction

Also, we could use items that a topic refers to like:

  • book
  • article
  • community
  • software

and so on.

What are your thoughts on this?