Facebook "unsafe" problem

There has been a problem with sharing links to the F3 on Facebook. I usually get the following message when I try to share a F3 link:

It looks like a link you’re sharing might be unsafe. If you can, please remove this link:


Note: The unsafe link might be on the page you’re linking to.

If you can’t remove this link and you still want to share it, please complete the security check below.Please select all of the photos which show a lion.

It forces me to do a manual image recognition task. After doing so, the link is posted, but occasionally other Facebook users report that they get warnings that the link might be “unsafe”.

I hoped this would have changed by enabling SSL / HTTPS, but it didn’t. Today I reported this problem to Facebook. I am not sure whether I will get any sensible reply. Let’s see what happens anyway. If this problem persists, it might be worth that more people report this problem to show Facebook that this is actually a legitimate site.

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When I get back to Facebook I will validate and request white-listing of F3.
Although, if I like it, that is probably just the kind of thing they would want to block.

Maybe we could put a layer of mindless drivel on the cover to help blend in?
Maybe some “Like” buttons on each comment? Not a bad idea actually…

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Hmm, what is that supposed to mean exactly :laughing:

Uhh, I fear that would attract the wrong kind of audience. You know, we could make threads only consisting of “reionized electrons”, but we don’t really want that kind of noise, do we? :smiley:

In the F3 we have the :heart: buttons. I like them much more than the Facebook “like” buttons.