Entering the Zero State section

There’s a new invisible section in this forum for Zero State members. Here’s a guide on how to enter that section.

  1. Register on this forum. Registration via E-Mail is recommended. Registration and login via Facebook, Google, Twitter, or GitHub is possible, too. Ideally, you should use your Zero State handle as your user name. Using your real name is fine, too. Anything else will confuse me, so please mention it, if you use a different user name here.
  2. Contact me, ideally via this forum, or via mail (radivis@radivis.com) and tell me to add you to the Zero State section of the Fractal Future Forum. You may also contact me via Facebook or the Zero State mailing list, or via any other communication channel that you got your hands on, but usually those channels will have higher delays, because I don’t check them very often.
  3. Once you have access to the Zero State section, you can enter it via the “categories” view of this forum, or just use the direct link.

Why is this forum cool? Because the underlying technology is pretty amazing. Check out the features, if you don’t believe me. Most importantly, this isn’t a corporate service that mines your data and does other evil things. This is a platform hosted by me on a virtual private server. You can download all the posts you’ve written here. Search works pretty nicely. This platform is very transhumanism friendly. The German Transhuman Party (TPD) is also active in this forum. I’ve been maintaining this forum for more than 2 years, and it will persist for a long long time, since I’m also using this as a platform for my own projects.

What else is possible? Subsections for houses and other teams can be created on demand. Those houses and teams can form their own user groups. It’s also possible to make those subsections private for those user groups only. This forum can also be used as a kind of wiki-platform. Posts can be turned into wiki posts that can be edited collaboratively. This forum supports HTML and markdown.

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ok, at the second look i understand the misleading interpretation of the pyramidal discovery. thank you for removing it. :wink:
may be maxwell`s demon was at work …

Are you perhaps interested in becoming a Zero State member? I think that would fit your interests pretty nicely.


Dear Michael,

due to me being rather interested in solving economical problems by an eventual use of Cryptocurrencies and other topics that deeply concern our future as AI and Hardware, as well as Nanotechnology, I would like to ask you to add me to the Zero State section, if possible.

Best Regards