Engagement Scarcity

There’s a basic problem that I don’t know how to deal with and it’s related to the concept of attention scarcity, which states that people only have limited time and attention resources and can interact only with so much stuff. What I call engagement scarcity is a more special form of attention scarcity related to the problem that you only have so much time and energy to engage with different communities and networks. Currently, there are many communities which are related to a Social / Fractal Future:

  • Alternative economics community
  • Basic Income community
  • Decentralization community: Bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain technology, Ethereum, SAFE network, and so on
  • Futurist community in general
  • Transhumanist community with political transhumanism in particular
  • Virtual nations like Zero State or BitNation

Also, there seem to be significant intersections between those communities. All of these communities might fall under the “fractal future” tag. But this forum is just another place where people can engage with stuff. Having more platforms is not necessarily better. This could theoretically become some kind of portal community for all the other ones, but that’s still an ideal that is far away. And it would be just another community which asks for engagement.

Some of the most difficult question are:

  • How is engagement actually allocated?
  • How should engagement be allocated ideally?
  • How can communities attract or evoke more engagement?
  • Do different communities necessarily have to compete for engagement with each other or can they somehow share engagement in some way?
  • Is there some kind of evolutionary dynamics of communities with those able to attract engagement in a superior way surviving and the others dying off or at least becoming smaller?

There’s also something about the communities above that I find interesting: They would profit a lot for being more deeply interconnected. As things stand now, one community barely knows what’s happening in the other ones. Important progress in one area community becomes compartmentized to that community while the others still work with outdated paradigms and ideas. We need more effective networkers who bridge the different communities. This forum would be a natural home base for them, I think.

Any ideas?

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It’s all about networking with a broa topic experts and using the entertainment arts to enhance communication.

Networking is surely very important. Especially in the age of networks. You seem to be quite good at networking, Mark. You could help invite more people to the Fractal Future Network, so we have a broader range of people and experts.

I’m not sure how you mean by “entertainment arts”. Do you mean visual stuff like pictures or videos that helps getting messages accross?