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Draft: The Fractal Future Network Launches

Note: This is a draft for the announcement of the launch of the Fractal Future Network. Please feel free to comment on it and share your opinion.

The futurist community is wide and fascinating. There’s a plethora of different strands of futurists, but all of them share the ambitious goal of creating a better future. What is a futurist then?

A futurist is a person who is active in the pursuit of creating a better future by thinking about possible future scenarios and following a path towards the best scenarios.

We use a rather wide definition of futurists here. Note that we don’t identify futurists with futurologists or future science researchers. Those just represent the research branches of the wide futurist community. So, which groups can be said to belong to the futurist community?

  • Alternative economy theorists
  • Basic income advocates
  • Decentralization enthusiasts, including those who are fascinated by cryptocurrencies
  • Effective altruists
  • Future aware and visionary entrepreneurs
  • Rationalists
  • Thinkers proposing radically innovative ideas
  • Transhumanists

All of these communities represent complementary approaches towards a better future. So far, these communities have coexisted in parallel each with their own focus and their own projects. There is certainly a lot of overlap concerning some topics and people belonging to multiple different communities at once, but the realization that all of them belong to an overarching futurist community was more or less lacking. Therefore, the futurist community didn’t fully leverage the possible synergy coming from the possible interactions between the different communities.

But the Fractal Future Network is not there to be a merely formal collection of different branches of futurists. It has three distinctive roles:

  1. The Fractal Future Network is a portal for the futurist community that collects relevant links and resources. It acts as gateway for everyone wanting to explore the various branches of the futurist community.
  2. The Fractal Future Network is an idea base for the futurist community on which ideas can be collected, shared, and discussed on neutral ground.
  3. The Fractal Future Network is a project launching platform on which futurists can use the infrastructure of the network to start their projects within protected areas of the network.


I feel like I should write more, but at the moment I think that keeping it relatively brief is better to stress the most important points. Point 3 probably needs to be explained in much greater detail, so that people know what’s possible on the Fractal Future Network.