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Doomsday clock - will desaster strike befor transhumanism can evolve?

just noticed the doomsdayclock ( is on the bottom since the 50s. The doomsday clock measures since 1947 how close mankind is to selfdestruction.

While in the cold war the biggest threat was nuclear war, today its climate change. So basically if the US and China dont change their attitude towards climate change, the planet will die in the next 100 years with pretty certainity.

So besides a UBI we should invest money into technologys that reduce this danger. the situation looks pretty grim though since it is the US and China who have to get invovled here fast.

And it looks like they are not intrested at all, in fact the US-republican claim climate change doesnt exist

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You assume that climate change is a problem that can be solved with conventional politics. No, it can’t. The only thing that can save us is better technology. We’ll just crowdfund a campaign for creating a huge solar shade between the Earth and the Sun that will stop climate change. Problem solved, no politics required. It’s just people that can make this happen. People applying self-organization principles on a global scale.

And about the Doomsday clock: I think it’s a big exaggerated at the moment, but of course even a local nuclear exchange would be a huge problem for the whole world. Anyway, think about Nietzsche who said:

Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman–a rope over an abyss.

A dangerous crossing, a dangerous wayfaring, a dangerous looking-back, a dangerous trembling and halting.

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ive read the zarathustra long ago and it might be that mankind is in one of those critical situations described above.

conventional politics could at least agree to put taxes on ecology damage internationally or something.

My dear friends,

You assume above that it’s the planet that dies. I can assure you this will not happen. Not in a hundred, not in ten thousand, not in a Million years. It will be Humanity that becomes extinct. Mother Earth itself has always had the ability to adapt…

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after the great cataclysme all mankind was extinct. all mankind? no, a litte village habitated by brave warriors …

realiter a part of the humanity will surely survive quite comfortly and for a long long time no matter which kind of desastre may happen.

may be on giant rafts, on submarines like capitain nemo, on habitats on the ground of the sea, into deep hollows like the dwarfs, on space stations hundreds of miles over the burned earth or in massive fortresses on the highest summits of the mountains.

the technology today is so advanced, that determinated and capable men could with a minimum of warning prepare themselves for surviving even for generations in an extrem hostile world and saveguard the technological and cultural progresses of mankind.

and you can be assured, those men will be the firsts to know :wink:

so don`t be afraid, nothing will be lost.
by the way - have you ever heared the expression" bottleneck effect" ?

und damit das auto schon bereit steht, wenn man aus dem raumschiff steigt: