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Does transhumanism appeal to SJWs?


A core concept of transhumanism is that one can change what one is (“trans-human”: “about/over/between being a human”).

That’s also what many Social Justice Warriors and tumblr feminists believe. They make up new genders that don’t even exist and invent fantasy creatures, then they claim to have an imaginary gender (“non-binary”) or belong to a made-up species (“otherkin”), some even believe one can change one’s weight by wish (“transfat”) just by “identifying” as such.

New technologies could give them the abilities to actually become an astralgender dragon or pangendered furry duck IN REAL LIFE!

So, what if SJWs discover transhumanism? Could they take over it, become a main driving factor behind it and even make it happen but just in their twisted version?

(Khole Mantga) #2

idiots like you. People don’t like Society is changing and your mind is so close-minded that you literally cannot see people for people that’s sad I don’t waste my time with assholes like you because I’m an open-minded person I slept everybody for who they are if you think the gender is imaginary it you must need some f****** education cuz you’re dumb as f***everybody has a right to express themselves the way they want and it’s actually scientifically proven that gender is more than just male and female to go f*** yourself and a transgender person their vagina is not fake you can feel you can touch it so go f*** yourself get education before you f****** suck know what you’re talking about because clearly you don’t know what to talk about you’re not educated your big and you sound like a dumb really f****** dumb like you sound super dumb George is salty because times are changing that’s why you’re salty because you’re close minded empty-minded world can’t handle other people so maybe you should fly to the moon and be alone there cuz there will be nobody but your stinking close-minded mother and self because one day they won’t be very many people like you and you’ll feel more sad and alone a little box so sweetie why don’t you could education before you sound really f****** dumb


Geisteswissenschaften and social science have a long tradition of inventing things that actually dont exist. So gender science isnt any worse than traditional humanities.

That is what Hegel critizised 200 years ago.

Humanities is the propaganda ministry in capitalism, that is the only reason the state is paying it. On the other hand MINT is a necessity for the capitalistic production, so it is a part of capitalism as well.

Genderbashing is popular and easy, but it doesnt hit the core aspect what is wrong in science, especially in Geisteswissenschaften.

edit: to the original question: If gender activists can afford gender technology, they propably will buy it. Its an interesting idea how the human race could create alot of forks of itself.

But why just gender? What about people who dont want to be human anymore, but trolls, elves, dwarfes, predators, zerg, borg,…


Thanks for thy reply, but I do not want to participate in “discussions” of such a low level. We are not in the Youtube comment section but a scientifically-themed message board, so please act like it.

Both hard and soft sciences are equally imporant. MINT can make it possible to clone Godzilla but the humanities may show one why that would be a bad idea.

They are called otherkins. Well, with the right technology they could become what they want. And people who have changed their appearance to look (a bit) like fantastical creatures already exist.