Does transhumanism appeal to SJWs?

A core concept of transhumanism is that one can change what one is (“trans-human”: “about/over/between being a human”).

That’s also what many Social Justice Warriors and tumblr feminists believe. They make up new genders that don’t even exist and invent fantasy creatures, then they claim to have an imaginary gender (“non-binary”) or belong to a made-up species (“otherkin”), some even believe one can change one’s weight by wish (“transfat”) just by “identifying” as such.

New technologies could give them the abilities to actually become an astralgender dragon or pangendered furry duck IN REAL LIFE!

So, what if SJWs discover transhumanism? Could they take over it, become a main driving factor behind it and even make it happen but just in their twisted version?


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Geisteswissenschaften and social science have a long tradition of inventing things that actually dont exist. So gender science isnt any worse than traditional humanities.

That is what Hegel critizised 200 years ago.

Humanities is the propaganda ministry in capitalism, that is the only reason the state is paying it. On the other hand MINT is a necessity for the capitalistic production, so it is a part of capitalism as well.

Genderbashing is popular and easy, but it doesnt hit the core aspect what is wrong in science, especially in Geisteswissenschaften.

edit: to the original question: If gender activists can afford gender technology, they propably will buy it. Its an interesting idea how the human race could create alot of forks of itself.

But why just gender? What about people who dont want to be human anymore, but trolls, elves, dwarfes, predators, zerg, borg,…

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Thanks for thy reply, but I do not want to participate in “discussions” of such a low level. We are not in the Youtube comment section but a scientifically-themed message board, so please act like it.

Both hard and soft sciences are equally imporant. MINT can make it possible to clone Godzilla but the humanities may show one why that would be a bad idea.

They are called otherkins. Well, with the right technology they could become what they want. And people who have changed their appearance to look (a bit) like fantastical creatures already exist.


If I have to take a guess then furry/dragon/whatever bodies are going to be a thing some day anyway. I’m also not bothered by that thought itself and would most likely opt for some heavy modifications myself even, although I have a very different, more pragmatic perspective on how and why. With the right technology we’ll be able to adapt our bodies to new environments, but we’re not suddenly going to change the laws of physics, and adaptation to some places will most certainly require us to ditch the way we currently look. For instance arctic exploration or colonization will likely go a lot smoother with fur. For low temperatures we’ll have to either adapt insulation or body core temperature, and the latter likely only goes so far with the way physics are. And for deep sea exploration our hands and feet simply don’t cut it. Using such adaptations we could dramatically expand what we consider the habitable zone as well as conduct much more efficient exploration and research.

What I think is the underlying problem is far behind and beneath the gender problem and their twisted vision as you call it.
(On a side note, I find the entire gender debate to be rather silly. Biological gender can be clearly identified as what it is, most of the times male and female, but there are objectively more than those 2 states, although in humans they are typically dysfunctional mutations. This mental gender, non-binary and what have you strikes me as little more than an attempt to get some more individuality rubberpoints. However people’s identities and behavior patterns are already unique and some extra labels just don’t add anything to it.)

This looks like the underlying fear is basically stupidity. If group X, such as SJWs in this case, get on the steering wheel they’ll do some very dumb stuff. Their treatment of the gender issue is exhibit A that they’d likely do some bad stuff with transhumanism too.
While I do in a sense also share this particular fear I think the problem is much, much broader than that. There are many other groups that can derail transhumanism too. Also even the geniuses among us are neither generally followed, nor are they smart enough to be trustworthy authorities in really more than a single or a few things. Simply said we as a species are too dumb to figure out what’s really smart, let alone form a consensus.

That’s the real issue we should address as soon as possible I think. As important as the bit of discourse we’re able to have today is, we’ll need to step up our game in that area by a couple orders of magnitude. As soon as we get to the stage of modifying ourselves quite a bit behind superficial aesthetics and medicine we should quickly use this to increase our intelligence and slash our biases, to further critical thinking. Only that way do I think we’ll be able to form a proper path for transhumanism and mankind, we all need to become smart enough to deeply understand significant portions of all the things we’re dealing with daily, so that for instance this SJW conflict could in many decades be resolved once and for all.


what are sjws?

People who want to fight for more justice in society, what is a very good and important point and quite neccessary…
…unfortunately, they do anything wrong that could be done wrong!

As for the current tendency, I cannot say anything. They’re gaining more and more ground, especially here in continental Europe, but I also see more pushback than ever before.

For one, SJWs profit from being funded by the government. There is a state-sponsored Youtube project, that is supposed to be entertainment for kids and teens, yet in fact, tries to indoctrinate them with postmodern leftism.

Then, I see more and more “gender-neutral speech” popping up here . In my language I cannot even call something an “it”, everybody and everything is masculine or feminine, so as if pronouns that sound like space alien names (zie, xe, nim etc.), aren’t enough, they want to revise all of grammar now.

Personally, I just hope they’re gonna do something batshit insane, like demanding acceptance for pedophilia and bestiality, or one of them doing a shooting rampage against “straight white cismale capitalist sexist racist shitlords”. Something like that would cause the mother of all backlashes.