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Do you drink coffee or tea?

First of all, a little poll:

What do you drink (multiple answers possible)?

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • None of the above

0 voters

Coffee and tea are awesome beverages. They have lots of antioxidants and caffeine. But I prefer decaf coffee, because the caffeine isn’t optimal for me (I use tyrosine for boosting my mental capacities). I add cocoa powder to the coffee to make it taste better and for getting even more antioxidants. Currently I also add some soy milk with vanilla flavour. That’s a really yummy combination for me :smile: Currently I drink between 2 and 4 cups of that cocoa soy decaf coffee per day. Also, I think drinking coffee is some kind of “magic” ritual that elevates my spirit :smiley:

What kinds of coffee or tea do you drink? Do you have your own favourite recipes for them? How much do you need those beverages? :wink: