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DIY Starships

For many years I’ve tried to get people interested in a home and garden show of space settlement, but they could never get the point of it.

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Perhaps it would be possible to capitalize on the popularity of “The Martian”? Anyway, it looks like getting artists involved seems to be really important for such acitivities.

In order to avoid having to deal with my inability to make any kind of personal or professional or financial progress in my life, I’ve wasted all my time over the last year searching through the archive of player-built (mostly) creations in Space Engineers. I’ve collected the most impressive designs in the game’s history, ‘modernized’ them with more recent game features, and re-published them back to workshop, I have a few other examples in my private collection but well…


I really like your designs. Perhaps those are a way to get more people interested in space and its development and colonization. Even if the motive behind that is the mere distraction from their own inability to make progress in their own lives. Better have at least some creative outlet than to play games all the time and being a passive consumer? Or should we rather focus on helping people make at least some personal progress? And does that even have to be an either or situation?

Anyway, most of the progress I see in my life came from focusing on improving my health. Getting priorities straight is pretty damn hard. Especially when you tend to be a visionary dreamer. We aim for the stars and fail to fix our own imperfections which prevent us from being effective enough at reaching them.

Nevertheless, it’s very necessary to inspire people somehow. Whether that’s DIY starships, sci-fi novels, innovative start-up producing incredible products, or other pieces of art, we need more of it. There’s enough mediocre nonsense out there.

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“Inspiration” is not hand never has been the issue. People are so inspired that it’s driving them out of their minds. =|

Get that through your head!

The problem is that prior to the TRUMP, the political and economic environment has been such that mere survival has been problematic for people like me. Fix the basic politics, and there will be starships, Oh yes, there will be starships!