Deep History

Lets take a trip in the way way way back machine to look at some forgotten and/or obscured times when civilizations fell. The first time occoured about 12,000 years ago. This was the time that the old testament calls the great flood. (lots of other civilizations have the same story. The old testament is mistranslated and unreliable…)

The period before this was the atlantean period. One suggestion is that Atlantis was in the Azores. The Earth was coming off of an ice age during this period, there were lots of species around that went extinct including wooly mammoths and saber tooth tigers. We really don’t know what this precursor civilization had achieved. It was destroyed by a comet strike that resulted in the sea level rising about 1000 feet. I think the oldest city iin conventional history is Jericho, founded a few thousand years after this event.

According to a number of theories the sphynx also comes from this period. there is even talk that the thing has chambers inside it that contain a library/archive from this early period.

Proposed site for Atlantis:

Civilization rose and flourished in the thousands of years following this, there was trade, ON A GLOBAL SCALE, metalurgy, culture, MODERN BANKING… According to clif high, there was even a system where you could write checks… All this happened thousands of years BC…

Well the banks got corrupt, and the money became inflated, the governments started building boondoggles that later became known as the wonders of the world like the Colossus of Rhodes and stuff. It all crashed in 1140 BC. The banks failed and civilization was reset. It wasn’t until the beginning of the classical era about 700 years later that civilization returned. (At the time of writing the goddamn banks are in the process of crashing yet again…)

The classical era is pretty well known so I won’t reveal how bad my history about the greeks and romans is. =P Anyway the interesting thing about this period is that the Romans too had trade routes that led all the way into the orient, known as the Silk Road. If there is any truth to our history, these routes were lost with the fall of Rome until they were re-opened by Marco Polo in the modern age…

Anyway, if you know some history that we should know then post it here. =P

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Great to see that the research of Graham Hancock is getting more popular! :smiley:

By chance, I found a rather exotic article that makes a lot of interesting points, for example the desertification of the Sahari about 6000 years ago:

And then there’s a video on those ancient underground cities in Turkey:

On the topic of research regarding the Atlantean period I really like the YouTube channel Bright Insight - YouTube

Atlantean Cataclysmic War Hypothesis

A rather fancy, if at least somewhat plausible, theory of mine ist that the Atlantean civilization has already been interstellar, or at least interplanetary, and that the great catalysm on Earth was not a catastrophe, but an act of war that has bombed the surface civilization back to the stone age.

The Atlantean space colonies might be the origin of the advanced UFOs (not to be confused with the more primitive UFOs used by the deep state). Obviously there seems to be some kind of policy in effect that make the Atlanteans not show themselves too overtly, for whatever mysterious reason. (As someone who has played the latest Stellaris DLC “First Contact” the logical reason is that this arrangement maximizes the amount of research points they can gather from this planet.)

I admit that this is a pretty fancy story, but at least it tries making sense of an admittedly very confusing setting we find ourselves in. If anything, this hypothesis might suffer from “overfitting”.

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