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Cyberpunk 2077

let`s create a bunch for playing cyberpunk 2077!

ok, ok, not all at once :sunglasses:

Why this and not any other cyberpunk or futurist role playing game?

because of johnny mnemonic - the iconic cyberpunk writer william gibson created this novel in the previously unattained eighties, and keanu reeves incarnated the augmented autistic transhumanist surviving in a shadow-world between streetfighting underdogs and monolithic japanese compagnies in unseen perfection.

“i want my ironed shirts like they do in a hotel in tokyo!” :smile:

thats the reason why, its not a big thing.

ich grübelte lange an einem passenden post, und dann fand ich ihn schon fertig

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johnny mnemotic, the missing link between cyberpunk and cyborg

an info for adepts:

only cyborgs will survive :man_dancing: