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Creative expression impresses, inspires, motivates

Kinda a continuation of

Authentic, passionate, wild, daring, socially visionary creative expression is the force that seems to motivate people most to contribute to the world in a likewise creative fashion, creative whole movements flourishing with creative works.

If we want to create a better future, we need to use and unlock this force. We need to enhance our authenticity, passion, wildness, bravado, and social visioneering. Also our creative skills, but their development is a side effect of being inspired to creative expression in the first place. Deliberate practice wouldn’t hurt, though, but that is only possible with a huge amount of motivation anyway.

In any case, it’s a mistake to hold back too much, because the world needs to see what you are able to do and create. I get the impression that we are holding back too much, because we fear the social rejection that we anticipate as reaction to deviant forms of creative expression – it’s not like non-deviant forms of creative expression had the ability to chance the world to the better, that would be absurd by definition!