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Creating a social media app


Hey guys,
I know i’m a little bit offtopic, but still there are lots of IT people here, soo
Here is the thing - from what software I would like to start if i’m creating social media related app?

(Michael Hrenka) #2

Hi @justagthing, I’d check out dispora* first. Without any more specific question, I’d just suggest looking into what diaspora* tried to accomplish and how it did that. I’ve used the dispora* social network for a while, and I liked it, but its community was a bit too small for my liking without being completely compelling.

(resoooort) #3

I haven’t had any experience, though the Internet contains much useful interesting information you know:D
I’ve been studying the subject as well and the most informative article I found is this one And I’m recommending you to undertake a google research of the market at least.

(Ganna) #4

@justagthing To create a competitive social media app you should think about the app business logic. Take a look at this small guide -