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Coursera and similar


what are your experiences with MOOC like coursera?

So far i think the upsides is that you can get your hands on relevant knowledge pretty fast and a certificate as well, and the prices are not that high.

For instance you can get a specialisation course like “data scientist” in some months, which might help if you are speaking about Big Data. However, the videomaterial is somewhat boring, as it tries to reach too big of an audience.


wow, difficuly curve spiked up since my last post.

The Data Scientist course is from the Antony Hopkins University and it is all about the programming language R.

R is like emacs for excel :slight_smile:

R is spezialised on statistics and handling big Data. Its somewhat slow, but therfor the programs are short, the syntax is intuitive, it looks a bit like lisp.
R can interpret very diffrent types of files and can sum it up in a table. Phyton is propably a lot faster and smaller, but Phyton is more of an allaround language.