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Collaborative Second Home for Social Equity / Development / Sustainability

I am doing a pilot project called “Collaborative Second Home: Hypercube @ SOHOland for Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play lifestyle and ecosystem” conceived as Social Business to promote the Sharing / Collaborative / Solidarity Economy, via co-working / co-housing to develop the following social commons (based on shared equity, environmental conservation, open co-operativism):
• LIVE: Primary Residence / Second Home / Third Place
• WORK: Telework / Business Incubator / Accelerator
• TRAVEL: Couch-surfing / Hosting / Swap
• LEARN : Skills Exchange / Life Long Learning workshops
• PLAY: Relaxation / Productive Experience / Flow moments
The objective is to achieve the social experience of “Do Good. Make Money. Have Fun” to ensure project sustainability and continual participation and involvement. The pilot project is to overcome, locally and globally, the following social problems currently faced by young people in developing and developed countries:
(1) Inability to own primary home
(2) Declining job market
(3) Wealth inequity or distribution, particularly in the property market
Collaborative Second Home (Hypercube @ SOHOland) is conceived as a working prototype of the Sharing / Collaborative / Solidarity Economy, in the property sector, to achieve the objective of Triple Bottom Line of Economy / Environment / Equity (3E) while promoting the sense of solidarity and fraternity. The project also helps to develop the awareness of the differences of Consumption, Investment and Social Business.
The gist of the “business model” is open cooperativism / Entrepreneurship / Commons, thus bringing about such needed social changes, particularly in housing and house ownership.
Further details on the pilot project are available on the web site:

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Welcome to the Fractal Future Network, Eric! :smiley:

Your projects sounds fascinating. It took me a while to really get what you are doing there, but it feels really refreshing and coherent. I’ve also checked out your web site, which looks pretty nice.

The idea of collaborative home ownerships seems to make a lot of sense, especially when you consider the flexibility that this provides. It looks like you have already come pretty far with your project. What’s your current status? It looks like you already established a “Hypercube” in one location. So, what’s the next step? Do you want to spread out globally? Do you want to extend your reach by spreading your idea and attracting more collaborators?

Do you have a core team that helps you with your business or do you prefer working with rather flexible teams?

What do you want to use the Fractal Future Network for exactly? What you could do is using this forum to discuss your ideas and improve on them. Or to improve the collaboration of your team(s). Also, you could get your own category on the blog, if you like, and repost what you have already written on your main blog.

In any case, having a clearly defined and relatively short name would help. It’s ok to have a “full name” like “Collaborative Second Home: Hypercube @ SOHOland for Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play lifestyle and ecosystem” for your project, but also having a shorter name by which the project can be referred to would be preferable.

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Thank you for the encouraging words… Yes, I have already established a prototype / pilot of the project at the suburb of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia… and I am in the process of getting more traction / attention locally, regionally and hopefully globally. I am looking for team members / collaborators / co-owners for such project in Malaysia, South East Asia and other regions. I welcome visitors / social entrepreneurs to “test drive” my place (Hypercube@SOHOland) both virtually and on-site, and more importantly to duplicate and scale up the project locally, regionally and globally.
As suggested by you, I would certainly like to have my own category in Fractal Future Network…. How do I go about doing that, and incorporating my existing materials for “sharing” or “integrating” my web-site / blog with FFN or in some other form / format …… what is your take / advice on this? I am thinking of collaborating / utilizing FFN as a platform for spreading the idea / modifying and improving the concept / recruiting collaborators / co-owners and scaling up the project globally.
I also fully agree that my project should have a shorten name…. some possible names:
• Hypercube @ Soholand
• Integrative Home
• Collaborative Second Home
• Holonic Home (2H or H-squared)
• Home to Home (H2H)
What do you think? Any suggestions?

It’s awesome that you want your project to see duplicated and scaled up globally. Your idea definitely has great potential.

If people are interested in a “virtual test drive”, how would that work?

  1. I’ve set up a subcategory within the “projects” category within this forum and called it “Hypercube @ SOHOland”, because that was your first (short) suggestion. The name can still be changed later on. Here’s the link to the category description text: About the Hypercube @ SOHOland category
    If you want to change the description, you send me an alternative text via email or PM within this forum. If you want a different colour for your project, you can have that, too. Just send me the RGB value of the colour you want to have.
  2. If you want to share your blog posts on the Fractal Future Blog, just register on the site and I’ll grant you the necessary rights to write your posts there (you can take the blog posts from your own site, or write new posts to recruit team members, collaborators, and co-owners). I will publish those posts on my own however to get the timing and Search Engine Optimization right. If you want to play a more active role in the Fractal Future Blog, I can grant you editor rights, too, once you feel comfortable with using WordPress and the SEO plugin. After posting a blog post, it is advisable to share it on social media. Preferably there where you are actually present to interact with the people.
  3. In the future there should be a Fractal Future Wiki and potentially other presences of the Fractal Future Network in social media. But for now, the forum and the blog are core platforms of the FFN.

My personal favourite is “Integrative Home”, because it’s descriptive and not too fancy. By modifying it to “Shared Integrative Home” people would get a pretty good idea what the project is all about just from the name. Though, the name “Hypercube @ SOHOland” does sound cool, so I’ve taken it as first “project name”.

(1) The Hypercube @ SOHOland welcomes on-site visits or “test-drives”. Prior appointments would be preferred, for scheduling purposes.
(2) “Virtual test-drives” refers to on-line activities such as video-conferencing, Google+ hang-out, and more generally interactions over social media etc.
(3) Project sub-category for “Hypercube @ SOHOland” sounds wonderful!
(4) I have registered myself at and would certainly like to be active on Fractal Future Blog / Fractal Future Wiki / Fractal Future Network.
(5) Your proposed alternative name “Shared Integrative Home” is very apt indeed! I have started using the alternative name wherever it helps to explain the concept.

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That’s cool! I would stress that option much more, since a trip to Malaysia is rather time and money consuming for most people. Also, using YouTube for the promotion of your project would be a great idea. You could make presentation tour videos that you then upload to YouTube to help people get a first impression.

Good. You’we welcome :smile:

Excellent! I’ve granted you author rights now. You can start writing blog posts whenever you like. If you have any preferences for when you want to see the posts published, please contact me, because I’m currently the only one who can actually publish / release posts on the Fractal Future Blog.

The Fractal Future Wiki is currently work in progress / not available, due to previous technical difficulties. Next month, things will hopefully look much brighter on that front :smile:

Wonderful! :smile: I’m glad I could help you out on that front! :smiley: