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CNET's crowdsourced sci-fi book project

This seems to have similarities to the Fractal Cosmos project. Perhaps the CNET author will get a lot of attention for his own project, simply because he has a really big audience. It’s a project that’s worth watching. He has even mentioned the Singularity, Ray Kurzweil, and Zoltan Istvan.

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It’s definitly an interesting project, though I’m not sure it can work (writing a croudsourced story sounds a lot harder than developing a croudsourced universe). Let’s see how it goes.

Speaking of Fractal Cosmos, I’m sorry I didn’t do any of the things we talked about. I’ve been really busy with college. I’ll see if I can find some time tommorow or maybe in the weekdend to work on the project.

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For a long time, I thought that crowdsourcing makes things easier than doing then on your own. In the ideal case, people with different skills, but the same vision would contribute complementary complements to a project and then something completely awesome would have been created.

The problem is that the ideal case is rarely reached, and that there are very different levels of engagement of different people and of course that people disagree on how things should be done. You certainly need excellent marketing and leadership skills for pulling off a crowdsourcing project. You need marketing skills to get people interested and on board, and leaderships skills to encourage them to contribute and collaborate.

Writing a novel certainly requires a certain degree of world-building. And it requires thinking a lot about things like characters and their backgrounds, the plot, plot twists, dramatic tension, narrative techniques, action, interesting dialogues, and so on. At least if you write a really good novel. So, you are probably right about this being a very hard project. That makes it much more interesting to observe, actually. I wished I had infinite time and energy during a single day, so that it would be no problem for me to also work on that project! :smiley:

About doing stuff besides college: Yeah, that can be pretty tough. Having holidays sometimes helps. :smiley: Don’t panic. Panicing just makes things worse.

I hope that we create Fractal Cosmos in tandem with Netec. Both worlds are pretty interesting.

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Crowdsourcing’s powerful. When I was too ill to travel much on my own, I crowdsourced my first few trips to Houston for cancer treatment, and that pretty much saved my life. I can’t overestimate what it’s done for me.


Wow, that’s surely fascinating. How did you do that exactly? I guess it’s a story worth telling. :slight_smile:

And thanks for reviving this old thread. It seems like the crowdsourced sci-fi story has been finished by now:

Yeah, I’ve read a few pages. It looks pretty good.

God, I wish we had their determination. We really could make something out of Fractal Cosmos