Chat technologies

In the Transhumanist Party on Facebook there is a discussion about which chat technologies to use. Chat rooms may be quite interesting and useful.

For a general impression about the different core technology choices there’s this comparison between IRC, XMPP (Jabber), and a new technology called PSYC:

However, XMPP seems to be reasonably flexible and missing features could be added on top of the core functionality. Here are two XMPP servers that were mentioned:

  1. Ejabberd (very popular)
  2. Prosody (simple to use)

For the client side there is a large list of software:

Ideally, we would also use browser based client options like:

  1. Converse.js (there’s already WordPress integration)
  • Jappix (this looks more like a full social media suite)

Nevertheless, there may be something to be said about the simplicity of IRC. What I don’t like about IRC however is the idling culture: Most people in an IRC Channel are just there, but don’t pay any attention to what’s happening there. And there’s usually no way to tell whether a user is “not-afk” other than by asking directly or seeing him write something.

Edit: I’ve come into contact with a rather interesting looking Web-IRC system called Kiwi IRC. Just in case that we decide to use IRC after all, some day.

The PSYC technology looks promising in principle, but I haven’t looked deeper into it, yet.

What would you prefer?

Edit (2015-08-08): There seems to be a chat plugin for Discourse that’s work in progress. It’s called Babble. I think it’s better to wait and see how it develops, since we are already using an external chat tool for this forum.