Chat: KiwiIRC

we now have a new irc chat. you are welcome to join us!

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Thank you very much for your support, zanthia. We coordinated our efforts to provide you this new IRC channel. Many of you probably won’t be familiar with IRC. IRC is an old-school chat protocol. There are newer protocols, but IRC is still relatively popular and has a lot of features. Our IRC Channel #fractalfuture is a chat room that runs on an external IRC Network called Dream-IRC. This means that you can join this channel via any IRC program without having to go onto the Fractal Future Forum. The data of the channel are:

To prevent you the hassle to use a separate IRC program, we decided to use the new web-IRC app called KiwiIRC. It is currently embedded as a box in the top area of the forum. That location may be a bit intrusive, but it’s also very useful. If you find it annoying nevertheless, we can relocate it to the footer of the forum (in which case it would suffer from some loss of convenience).

In order to use the KiwiIRC Chat just enter a Nickname in the Chatbox and click on the “Start…” button. Then you will join the #fractalfuture channel automatically. On the right side you will be able to see which users are currently in the channel, too. Note that only people who are currently in the channel can read what you write in there. The channel does not save what are writing there, so it’s more of a private impermanent chat room. You can also enter a private chat with a single specific user by clicking on that user and selecting the “Message” option. The private chat room (also called a “querry” in IRC lingo) will then appear as tab in the top row of the chat box.

We find that this functionality beautifully complements the features that are available in the Fractal Future Forum. Have fun with the new chat! And please use the opportunity to write some feedback in the chat, or in this thread. :smile: If you have questions, please don’t be too shy to ask them. IRC can be a daunting technology for those who are not familiar with it.

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Ok, somebody told me that it’s not a good idea to have the IRC Chat on top of the forum, so I moved it into the footer.

there is a new irc #fractalfuture channel on freenode.
just klick on enter your nickname and #fractalfuture and join us!