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Busy times

I’m a bit swamped in obligations at the moment, so I don’t have enough time to respond appropriately and quickly to everything happening in this forum recently. That doesn’t mean that you should slow down or anything. I will get back to everything eventually, when my workload will have returned to normal levels. But we will need to think about how to scale Fractal Future further. The hidden area of the German Transhuman Party is quite lively now, due to the activity some core members and new members. In the international area there are more people present, but on average they are less active. At this stage I want to remind you that you can turn Fractal Future into what you want it to be. It’s still a young community, so it can develop into many different directions.

Feel free to inject your own particular interests into this forum. Ideally, you should keep in mind that we would really like to work on projects together. It’s fascinating to see that so many bright people find this forum, but the majority of us seem to be quite independent thinkers who aren’t very eager to make compromises for the sake of getting a community project done. I am guilty of that, too. But I do realize that this tendency is a significant issue.

Anyway, feel free to pull people you want to talk with into this forum. Many people are pleasantly surprised by the contents of this forum and its technical capabilities, at least once they spend enough time checking it out. The more active members we have, the higher the chance that two of them will happen to share some very similar interests, which would open up the road to more natural collaboration.

Have fun and keep up the good work! :smile:


Totally understand. The shoutbox will miss you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Suggestion: Perhaps a geographical map of people and where they are located will help actually get people together. nooo-goooogle :sleepy: I’m in Czech republic, visits welcome