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Hi everybody :wave:

I’ve been privately working on a project for about a year now, and the first drafts of my work can be viewed here.

As the resarch I am currently doing is somehow evolving into beeing of more professional nature, since I will likely be governmentaly suported in the future, I thought that it was about the time to also evolve my publishing of what I do into a more sovereign form.

For that reason I recentely created my own small website, which is called BLC Medical. (due to the fact that I want to fund my own company one day ^^)

On that website I publish articles about my project and some other things I do which are likely to be related to science.

I think some of this stuff might be intersting, so some of you might want to check it out :grin:, even tough I wont post on a regular basis.

Full link:


Nice site! :slight_smile: I am still wondering what “BLC” means exactly. “Bruno Lederer Corporation”, or something else that would be more descriptive like “Biological Life Cultivation”, or both? :smiley:


The first, however it is intended to say B. Lederer Corporation instead of “Bruno” since I think this sounds better and more professional, however the B is of course an abbrevation for Bruno. :grin:


Looks pretty good :slight_smile:. It’s good to see that you’re pursuing your goals with such determination.

But by the way, what do the japanese letters in this post’s tilte mean? Why are they there? I’m just curious, of course :grin:

So, anyway, I read your two MRSCT posts. I’m not sure I understood them completely, since I have never looked into this topic myself and I had some trouble going through your endless sucession of acronyms :sweat_smile:. Anyway, I think this part pretty much sums it up:

Einstein once said that one should simplify things as much as possible, but no more. Probably these models were quite a bit to simple.

And since these basic models do of course leak quite some information they are far from perfect, but for the beginning they can help to understand the correlations, especially regarding the resulted flowchart.

Have you started looking into Michaellis-Menten Kinetics? It’s a pretty simple model for enzyme activity, and probably your best way of moving on from that active/inactive binary you’ve been using.


Not really :sweat_smile: and that’s most likely because I changed my focus on a more practical way of resarch, away from complex computational models. And this is again due to the fact that I’m apparenteley not a maths genius :grin: and that I’m never going to be able to simulate all the effects precisely in time. More importantly however it is because I focus on modyfing single effects (m)TOR[C1] has, and therefore I wont need to simulate the effects a deletion/deactivation of it would have caused. That’s also the reason why the “D” in MDSCT (for deletion/deactivation) was changed to a “R” for re-engineering, leading to the new name MRSCT (mTOR re-engineering stem cell therapy).

Yeah I’m sorry for that, in general the topic is kind of hard to understand without spending a lot of time on what all these stand for, but they are used in every paper in similar ways. I might actually make a post where I try to shortly sum up what all these stand for.

They stand for medikaru [≙ Medical] (in katakana) in order to somehow translate the name into japanese.

They are simply there because of my appreciation of th japanese culure, and because i might want to move there one day :grin:
And of course I want it to be international, if i had the skills I’d also write the posts bilingal, but at the moment I just don’t have enough time to learn japanese.

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