Being busy

I just thought that it would be appropriate to say that I’ve been busy with work and supporting the German Transhumanist Party which will be officially founded this Sunday. Of course, that’s a cheap excuse. I could have done more regardless. I still struggle with not having an optimal system for setting priorities and managing my time and energy. Also, I’ve hard some annoying sleep disturbances recently, but also awesome (semi)lucid dreams that compensated me for that problem. It seems that segmented sleep is very effective for encouraging lucid dreams to come forward.

What have you been doing lately?

Studying, or at least trying to study. I’ve just started college and I still haven’t catched the pace.

College is crazy. You have to become a bit crazy too, in order to survive it! :smiley:

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i am busy with decluttering my home and my cellar and besides that i write a science fiction novel.
a few weeks ago i built a givebox in the allotment gardens near my house. since then i made much progress with decluttering. for my novel i need time to go for a walk and contemplate.