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Automatic system upgrade to Self 33.0

(Michael Hrenka) #1

My automatic system upgrade to Self version 33.0 has been released today (timing seems to have something to do with regular revolutions of a space rock around a big plasma ball – weird system). I didn’t find any new features, or any radical improvements, unfortunately. But I’ve stopped expecting those from automatic system upgrades. Well, let’s check what changed since the last big version upgrade:

  • Reappearance of the nasty “M3/CF5” bug, but it seems there is a better understanding of what actually causes it, and how to eventually fix it. It would be great, if the developers could fix that one in one of the next system upgrades completely!
  • Addition to user manual: “Do regular exercise, to prevent deterioration of system performance!” Well, fair enough.
  • Addition to user manual: “Avoid negative framing of situation, to prevent deterioration of system performance!” Yes, sir! Everything is awesome! :smiley:
  • Addition to user manual: “Increase beta-endorphin levels to optimize system performance!” Ah, at least they finally figured that one out. Harder done than said, though. :sweat:
  • Increase of formal “spare time” variable. Didn’t really order that, though. Developers probably thought it would help with fixing the M3/CF5 bug.
  • Minor changes in the income variable. Calculations seem to be slightly non-trivial, but I suspect it has actually increased slightly, even though it seems to behave rather erratically.
  • Addition of formal position: Treasurer of Transhumane Partei Deutschland
  • Addition of formal position: Treasurer of regional association of Transhumane Partei Deutschland in Baden-Württemberg
  • Addition of formal position: Deputy chairman of regional association of Transhumane Partei Deutschland in Baden-Württemberg
  • Added several interpersonal experience points.
  • Gained some selling/marketing experience. Comes with the realization of how crucial those skills are.
  • Plan to integrate “study of economics” into next version. Seems reasonable, but will probably use up a lot of system resources. Would be worth it, though.

Nothing totally spectacular there. Too bad that the M3/CF5 bug reappeared, and messed up the system quite a bit, but there’s some hope that the developers will be able to fix it for good. In any case, the experience gains will certainly be useful. This certainly hasn’t been the worst system upgrade so far. And there seems to be some interesting potential for the future. :relieved: