Assembling a new desktop computer

I fear that my current desktop computer is having age related issues, so I’d need to replace components. The problem is that when I don’t know which components are defective, it’s becoming a game of plug and pray. So, perhaps that’s the main reason why I settled for getting a new desktop computer. In case something breaks, I have redundancy and can figure out which part is broken and needs to be replaced. Perhaps that’s not the most cost effective way of going about this, but at least it’s an affordable option for me.

Now, here’s the system that I’m assembling right now:

I aimed at a customized system with gaming capability for less than 500€ with optimal price/performance ratio.

At the moment I still haven’t finished assembling the system. Dealing with all the cables frustrated me. The mainboard seems to be designed for a power supply that’s placed at the top, but the case wants it to be at the bottom. Also, why are the front connectors for the mainboard on the bottom, rather than on the front? It should be obvious that this makes it hard to set up the cables properly.


Some progress: I figured out how the cable management of the case is supposed to work. That significantly reduces the messy clutter of cables I have to deal with.

Depending on your final aims, I suggest reducing spec (maybe not so possible now) or keeping old and reinstalling everything… all towards concentrating and minimising game interference / temptation. Personal experience shows if you reduce the hardware specs and capability then you’ll be much less likely to play and less longer… You can still play a variety of other games without high spec… if you need very low spec games that will be addicting then let me know and I’ll prove my point, but caution in asking… save your money and the hardware… pass it on, whatever you need to do to keep doing great work here… and not there - it’s a different kind of horse race :horse_racing::slight_smile:
Choose life…

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Thanks for the advice. My gaming temptation level is currently quite low, because I only use Linux anyway. The reason that I still decided to go for a gaming capable system is that I want to have the possibility to enjoy virtual worlds like Second Life without entering “slideshow-mode”.

Since I created this forum, I have reduced the time gaming dramatically. Writing and discussing give me so much more than most games can deliver.

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I finally had to add an optical disc device, because the BIOS of my mainboard didn’t support installing Linux from my USB drive, so I used the occasion to purchase a Blu-ray burner, the LG BH16NS55, FWIW.

As on my old system, I have Kubuntu 14.04 running here. It will take some time to set everything up, so that I’m fully comfortable and productive. At least the new PC works now.

Some further information: I have 3 working casing fans now, but to get all of them working together, I had to purchase an additional 4-pin power y splitter cable, because the power supply had too few 4-pin power connectors.