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(Michael Hrenka) #41

Like all mammals, the human body is loaded with natural cannabinoid receptors.

These receptors interact with cannabinoids, which occur naturally in the human body, but also in the cannabis plant.

  • Endocannabinoids: Made in the human body
  • Plant cannabinoids Found in the cannabis plant
  • Synthetic cannabinoids Manufactured artificially to mimic natural cannabinoids
  • Biosynthesized cannabinoids Biofermentation process using E. Coli-based system, which creates cannabinoids identical to those found in nature

Some cannabinoids you may know include THC and CBD – and they have a wide variety of applications. They also make up the majority of cannabinoids (by volume) that can be easily extracted from the plant.

However, there are actually 90+ other cannabinoids that have potential medical benefits as well, and they make up less than 0.1% of total biomass. Because they are so difficult to isolate, they remain understudied in medicinal science.

(Michael Hrenka) #42

Was the Age of Enlightenment really triggered by the influence of African philosophers?


nice story, but not very convincing.

already platon developed the matrix of enlightment (and argued against slavery). The only Philospher that has equal influence is Hegel and maybe Kant.

There are alot of philosophers that believe that philosophy reached its peak with Hegel and everything since that is just an attempt to reread what already has been written.

(Michael Hrenka) #44

The economic struggles of Millenials in the USA explained with very nice graphical elements.

(Michael Hrenka) #45

Pure iterative cooperation beats subtle infighting due to status games, even where we don’t expect it:

(Michael Hrenka) #46

Should we be afraid of capitalism running amok, employing AI as its strongest tool, rather than of AI itself?


it seems everybody is running amok at these days … it is called singularity :wink:

what did you expect? little green men? *smile

(Michael Hrenka) #48

A corrective to the exaggerated claims about a relatively utopian existence as hunter-gatherer:

Still much better than existence as farmer in the neolithic age.

All crap compared to life in the universally enhanced life in the coming smart age.


(Michael Hrenka) #50

There actually seems to be an exotic discipline of “quantum economics”:

(Michael Hrenka) #51

Does nuclear deterrence even work in practice?


A weapon you wont use will have no deterrence. So the game of nuclear deterrence is a game with pushing your “red line” as far as you can. The enemy tries the same.

In game theory there is a game called “chicken game”, when 2 drivers drive with their cars against each other, the first guy evading loses. Best strategy is dictated by payoff function, but unless the value to be gained is exactly 0 game theory dictates that you should risk the collision > 0%

The conclusion is, yes, nuclear armed nation states will reach nuclear war sooner or later. Especially in a capitalistic enviroment, where each nation is in competition with each other.

(Michael Hrenka) #53

The onebox below is misleading. It’s actually about adding more “letters” to the genetic “alphabet”. Because GATTACA is so 20th century. Let’s do some ZAPATTACZ!

(Michael Hrenka) #54

(Michael Hrenka) #55

Scott H. Young on the concept of self-discipline: Rethinking discipline

Is it all about the art of ignoring mental loops who desperately seek attention?

(Michael Hrenka) #56

(Michael Hrenka) #57