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Articles of the day (german)

Aeon: To save Earth, go to Mars


Aeon: Buck to the future:

A post was split to a new topic: Sind Wirtschaftswissenschaften noch relevant?

Stephen Hawking glaubt wir haben keine 1000 jahre mehr

Translation by admin who wants to point out that this is an international area: Stephen Hawking believes that we don’t have 1000 years left.

posthumane ideen gab es schon 1929. in diesem essay geht es um eine diskussion der idee, menschliche gehirne vom körper zu isolieren, was im grunde eine cartesische philosophie ist. der schreiber des essays behauptet das dies nicht funktionieren wird und wendet sich gegen den telelogischen Posthumanismus, da man nie mit sicherheit sagen kann, wo bestimmte Experimente enden werden.

posthuman ideas already were developed in 1929. in this essay there is a discussion about the idea to isolate the human brain from its body, what is in fact cartesian philosophy. the writer claims that this cant work and argues against the telelogical posthumanism, as you can never be sure how certain experiments will end.

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Tunisia and Senegal now officially use blockchain based electronic currencies!

suprising results her:

wonder if that is a hoax or legitimate

The General Principles Committee has articulated high-level ethical concerns applying to all types of AI/AS that:

  1. Embody the highest ideals of human rights.
  1. Prioritize the maximum benefit to humanity and the natural environment.
  2. Mitigate risks and negative impacts as AI/AS evolve as socio-technical systems.

I hope YouTube Videos are okay too

How to Ethically Analyze Reproductive Technologies | Glenn Cohen (Channel: Big Think)

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Yes, as long as they can be interpreted as audiovisual pendants to more classical articles. Anything that strays to far from the article-like category, could be placed in

if it’s more about (un)popular culture, or otherwise in the

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Alright ty :slight_smile:

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a semi-comedey article about economics, pretending you can describe economics without humans.

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