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Ancient Global Civilization?

I’ve been following the topic of possible very ancient civilizations for a couple of years. It’s interesting, since if those very ancient civilizations existed they probably developed quite differently from our current global civilization.

The best comparison I can come up with is a complex game like one of the “Civilization” series where you have a tech tree and choose a very exotic path through it. It may be that civilizations can indeed develop very differently and you can end up with a highly advanced global civilization that’s still nowhere near space flight capabilities or plastics or stuff like that. After thousands of years, traces of advanced civilizations would gradually get lost except for the few cases in which they opted for massive stone constructions. What would remain of our global civilization after 10000 years? We may overestimate what would remain.

Anyway, I think there are basically three options when confronted with a video like this:

  1. There actually was a significant global cultural and technological exchange several millennia before.
  2. We tend to underestimate how similar the technological solutions to certain problems are. Think technological convergence.
  3. The samples given in the video aren’t valid data, but rather tend to be fake.

I’m still undecided where to put my money on. Option 1 seems to get ever more likely with additional evidence, though.

There’s another angle to this topic that seems important: The Fermi Paradox. There don’t seem to be alien civilizations our there. Why is that? If even the most hospitable planets, like Earth, are confronted with peridoic calamities that tend to end civilizations, on average ever couple of millennia, then this might explain why we don’t seem to see any aliens our there. Our current “good” run might actually be the best that has been achieved in this local cosmos. Usually, whenever the extremely rare case of a civilization reaching the stone age occurs, it is repeatedly reduced to the most primitive forms of the stone age through natural (?) or civilization-self-induced cataclysms. Advanced cultures may be exceedingly rare and fragile. All of them expire before being able to generate sustainable space colonies.

Alternatively, this world may be a simulation. I still think this is the most likely case and would explain a lot of the weirdness that can be found in this world. What do you think?

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I am a hobbyist historian and therefore I am highly sceptical of things like this. Yeah, I tend to assume such similiarities are just the product of pure chance. Take pyramids: They are the best way to pile up stones without them crashing down.

And what do you mean with ‘weirdness that can be found in this world’?

humans are nomads. if you cover a distance of 30 km per day, you can make the tour of the world in 4 years per pedes. it`s a small planet, after all.
contingency and contingent development make the rest.

the weirdness is keeping us alive in this boring existence :face_with_monocle:

i met erich von däniken in 2002 at heidelberg. his argumentation about alien visitors on earth follow the same path of argumentation - similarities or signatures.
in his case he was searching for depictions of aliens or alien artefacts in ancient civilisations as an indication for a contact between aliens and humans.