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Amon Twyman's Work is Lost to Facebook

All your posts disappeared from Facebook. It’s like all the work you did there never existed.
Even links I saved as contact information disappeared.
I hope you see this post.

Yes, this wasn’t completely unexpected, but it’s sad to see that our fears were justified. This only stresses that Facebook is not a reliable communication platform. What is said on Facebook has to be considered mostly irrelevant. If you want to say something relevant, don’t do it only on Facebook, but use other platforms for that purpose!


Hello All :slight_smile:

Reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated, shall we say! :wink: Thanks for your note Mark, just a few quick thoughts at this stage:

  1. Yes, I’ve suspended my facebook account, and that makes everything I’ve ever posted invisible. I did give everyone plenty of warning that I’d be doing it, and that all my content would likely disappear. This doesn’t mean I’m inactive however (quite the contrary!), and I hope that this will encourage people to step up to fill whatever void may exist, and then some.

  2. I will be posting via the ISF/Wavism blog, the Social Future Forum (both the Social Futurism and Transhumanist Party boards, among other areas), and the Transhumanist Party (UK) boards. The links to all of these can be found at and - along with lots of other goodness, and more to come.

  3. It would be extremely helpful - indeed critical to the movement - if we could keep lines of communication open between facebook, the various forums, and all other areas of activity. To that end, if you (i.e. any supporter reading this) read something that you know others would appreciate reading elsewhere then please do copy it in the groups you frequent, with appropriate links. You can be extremely helpful by sharing information between different parts of the movement… and you can start by sharing this message, with a link to the place where you saw it posted! I’ve been doing my part to spread information across facebook groups, and now others need to step up and take my place in that regard.

  4. For those who are wondering what I’m up to now and haven’t seen my earlier messages, I’m working to help establish the Transhumanist Party in the UK, and at a Europe-wide and global level. If you want one site to watch which has links to all the others, it is As part of that work, tomorrow (Thursday Feb 26th) I will be sending messages out to the core teams of all the new national-level Transhumanist Party groups, setting up processes to ensure that these groups not only remain active - evolving toward higher levels of organisation - but in constant touch with each other and sharing messages across their networks, via any and every platform that they use.

In short, I haven’t gone anywhere, but now it is time for everyone to step up, and the Transhumanist Party movement to evolve to the next level.

To get the ball rolling, please: Spread this message!

  • Amon