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Alternative Name for the QPDN?

I’m working on establishing a network called the Quantified Prestige Development Network with the purpose of establishing a reputation economy based on the Quantified Prestige system.

At this early stage there are some foundational questions which concern this network. One of the is the name of the network. The name Quantified Prestige Development Network has the following components which may or may not be changed:

  • Quantified Prestige: This is to say focus lies on the Quantified Prestige system for developing a reputation economy. Alternatively, the network could be called “Reputation Economy Development Network” which would make it more descriptive and easier to understand what it’s about. But the focus on Quantified Prestigew which would be quite important at this stage, might be lost.
  • Development: At the moment we don’t have a real reputation economy, so we first have to develop it. This is very important and central. The question is whether development also includes promotion of QP and possibly other reputation economy systems. And also whether it includes research on QP. So, it might be possible to leave out this word, even though it’s of central importance at this stage. So, an alternative might be: “Quantified Prestige Network” (though that name is currently reserved for the implementation of a real network of Quantified Prestige nodes) or “Reputation Economy Network”. Or we might go in the other direction and call it “Quantified Prestige Research and Development Network” or something like that.
  • Network: This should be the least controversial part of the name. What I want is a real decentralized global network, not a central organization or company which tries to control the whole reputation economy, which would probably backfire anyway.

Also, I want to stick with a descriptive name at least for the beginning, because filling some less descriptive name with meaning would imply serious additional work.

@Mark_Larkento, @Darklight any opinions on the name or possibly a good abbreviation or pseudonym?

Edit: During a short biking tour I had the idea to call it “Reputation Economy Promotion, Development and Exploration Network” or “REPDEN”. I think that’s descriptive and stylish :smile: What do you think?

If you plan to make this an open source project broad enough to portray a vast array of policies for economics/geopolitcs, and you have available a wiki, I would like to participate and adding my project as an associate project (codename:Concord).

I need the protection of an open source license and to be under an umbrella group.

On the name, it would be good for you to try making a foundation. Therefore, The Reputation Economy Foundation would be appropriate.

The focus lies on establishing a reputation economy, more specifically by implementing an ecosystem that is based on Quantified Prestige. This is not a broad economic coalition, but a really focused network that tries to kickstart an actual reputation economy.

In any case, you can add your project Concord to the Social Future Network. That’s what this more open network is there!

Yeah, open source is a good point. The reputation economy should run on open source and also promote open source.

Why a foundation? What would be the advantage of that? How would that be different from an informal open network?

Funding, affiliation and legal protection.
Formalisms bring a lot of legal protection and the possibility of gathering people under an appropriate environment.

In short, its a backbone for more complex actions.

I had made an informal movement denominated “Concord Movement” (which I voluntarily halted due to infiltration). If I had a legal framework, that shield could have helped me a lot.

PS: Let me think about how to bring the concord here, I need to understand how to protect it if I have no legal framework to be under.

There’s a problem I see with formal organizations: If they want to be truly international, then it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to set them up in any single nation. There would have to be similar organizations present in many nations united under the same name and principles. But the national organizations would be secondary to the network that they actually represent. That’s why I want to start with a truly open network, and only later on add formal organizations as network affiliates.

Also: Formal organizations come with bureaucratic clutter that distracts from the core mission, especially in the starting phases. Sure, they may be helpful and even necessary later on, but as I said: The network comes first.

As to the name: I really like the REPDEN (Reputation Economy Promotion, Development, and Exploration Network) name, but I think a name with the acronym REPDEV(.net) would be even better, because even the acronym would be descriptive (reputation development). But the question in that case would be: What should the “V” stand for?

  • Vanguard
  • Viral
  • Vector
  • Venture
  • Venue
  • Versatile
  • Vertex
  • Vibrant
  • Victory :wink:
  • Virtual
  • Vital
  • Volunteer
  • Voyage

(some ideas come from

The “Volunteer Network” might be most fitting, but the disadvantage about that is that it might sound less compatible with professional people working on a reputation economy. And the other words i’ve listed may be just vain and vacuous (or just restrictive), because they don’t add anything important about the network itself, except perhaps the “virtual”, but it shouldn’t stay virtual, because I want real people meeting other real people.

So, unless someone finds a good idea for the “V”, I’d prefer the REPDEN acronym (although in the associated domain the “net” would appear twice, but the domain (and even is still free and could be used as alias for those who find that aesthetically suboptimal).

Edit (2015-05-09): I think “Vitalization” is the right word for the V. So, REPDEV would stand for

  • Reputation
  • Economy
  • Promotion
  • Development
  • Exploration and
  • Vitalization

Why “vitalization”? Well, the goal is to create a reputation economy ecosystem. Something that feels “alive” in the sense of being dynamic, adaptive, complex, and able to solve problems. I think, I’ll go with REPDEV Network. The whole name might be a bit clunky, but the abbreviation is nice and descriptive itself :smile: