Alexander Karran will be the first Transhumanist Party supported candidate!

Although this is a party topic, I think its news for everyone:

Alexander Karran will be the first Transhumanist Party supported candidate to stand in the UK, or indeed the world and will be standing in the Liverpool Walton constituency.

Please share wherever you can folks, quoting Stan Marsh: ‘We’re getting all political and stuff!’


Great news. Things will get really interesting now, I suppose. At the very least, we will get some real experience with the intersection of transhumanism and politics. It is very important to establish a dialogue between transhumanists and politically interested “normal people” out there. My hope for this forum was also to facilitate that dialogue, so feel free to invite interested persons onto this platform.

Will do so, whenever I get the opportunity.

I think most party sites have a link to SFF, at the very least TP Global does and there is talk about keeping this as much of a part multi-faceted effort, exploring options beyond ‘Westminster-As-Usual’ as much as we can so I’m sure SFF community is very much part and parcel with all that. Possibly as a hub for multiple symbiotic efforts and also as a place for tossing ideas around and kicking off many efforts in itself.

Yeah, I’ll try to show more activity and presence. This site could become a very useful and central hub for the transhumanist community if it manages to get sufficient momentum.