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I’ve discussed with Chris Monteiro today on a Google Hangout and we agreed that the F3 should team up with the new H+Pedia.

The plan is to use the H+Pedia to collect data about futurist / transhumanist organizations. We may also use it for project work, like the stuff we had so far on the Fractal Future Wiki. I think this kind of consolidation of transhumanist efforts is what can help us move forward more effectively. The main strength of the Fractal Future Network is this forum. Its current wiki was more of an afterthought, which hasn’t turned out to take off, for one reason or another.

So, the idea is to use the H+Pedia as the wiki for this community. On the other side, the F3 will be used as forum for the H+Pedia.

What do you think about this initiative? I’m asking you in particular, @Joao_Luz, @Macius_Szczur, @mawei.


The idea doesn’t sound bad. We definitly need to work on a place where everyone can learn more about transhumanism.

Would they be open to the possibility of having Fractal Cosmos wiki articles in their wiki or they just want the “serious” transhumanist stuff?

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Yes, Chris said that we can use “project pages” for that kind of project related stuff. So, he’s open to it. And David Wood probably wouldn’t disagree with that either.

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All right. If that’s the case, I don’t see why we should not do it.

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Great! :smile: I hope you notice the “H+Pedia” link at the very top right. And here’s the H+Pedia Hangout from yesterday:

United we stand :slight_smile: Definitely joining efforts is multiplying results, so it is a good move. I still think though that one particular aspect of what was discussed, namely managing links to organisations and groups, and managing communication open channels (i.e., was contact attempt made? how did it go?) should be more conveniently done with a dedicated tool… :slight_smile: I’ll propose one when it’s ready. Just thought I should mention it. Otherwise it is good to see initiatives converging.


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Yes, in other words we need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. It would be the easiest to start with a simple list of organizations with attached status comments ("to contact, contacted, no reply, replied, agreed to exchange links, etc.). We don’t need fancy tools for everything. Simple Discourse forum threads are good enough for many simple tasks. Getting the ball rolling with simple forum threads is easy. If this turns out to be insufficient for some reason, we can still opt for more specialized tools.

Totally agree with you! Frankly speaking, it is easier to use CRM tools, I prefer CRM solutions from site. It is very convenient to use and useful simple system.

Thanks for your comment, Newemadu. Good to hear that you made positive experiences with the linked site. At the moment Fractal Future does not have the budget to use professional services, so if there is no possibility to use a tool for free, or for a virtually negligible price, it’s not a good fit for us right now. Of course, should we succeed at expanding and getting a serious budget, the situation might change.

For now, it seems to suffice that I keep track of relations with potential collaborators on my own. However, if you’d like to assist this young community in getting more traction, your help would be very welcome! :slightly_smiling:

I understood! Sorry me :slightly_smiling:

heh H+pedia was useful for me today cos i was wondering ‘what’s this xyz group?’ and it was in h+pedia, (although the founder of the group was a red link :frowning: ).

I’m thinking we should look at all these facebook groups and tell them ‘look, facebook groups are shit, if you really want work with some seriously-motivated-transhumanists-actually-working-to-make-the-cool-transhuman-future-happen-in-reality, you should be here on F3. (but if you just wanna daydream and circle jerk to dumb pop science sensational ‘news’ articles, then don’t bother with us and stay on facebook)’

Obviously we don’t say it in such a megatrollish way… but y’know what I mean!?

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