About the Transpolitica category

This is the open outreach forum of the think-tank Transpolitica. It can be used to discuss Transpolitica projects and publications. Transpolitica is a think-tank focussed on the politics of the future.

Here’s a short description of Transpolitica:

The goals of Transpolitica are to:

  • Enable society to transcend the limitations and constraints of today’s political models
  • Anticipate the better political practices of an envisaged transhuman future
  • Advocate the practical policies that will advance that future
  • Engage people at all levels of politics and society around the world, to support and implement these policies
  • Support transhumanists within political parties of all shapes and stripes

Transpolitica (P+) anticipates tomorrow’s politics:

  • Envisaging the positive qualities and characteristics of future social structures

  • Taking steps towards achieving these qualities and characteristics

  • Identifying and managing risks of negative characteristics of future social structures.