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About the Personal Development category

Everything related to personal development: Psychology, rationality, exercise, health, nootropics, personal development resources, and your thoughts and comments on all of that.

  • This category is supposed to contain materials that refer to improving our lives directly by doing the right actions. Personal development is a wide field and can span a large number of different fields, starting from positive psychology, over “bayesian” rationality, or the quantified self movement, to orthomolecular medicine. Of course, there are also more generic material about “personal development” created by various authors that popularized that field. These can be discussed here, too.

  • Even if technology is involved, topics that primarily concern optimizing the lives of individuals through application of such technology should be placed in this category.

  • Our ambitions might include creating a better world, but that should be significantly easier if we can improve our own lives and the lives of others more directly, first.