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The pilot project called “Collaborative Second Home: Hypercube @ SOHOland for Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play lifestyle and ecosystem” is conceived as Social Business to promote the Sharing / Collaborative / Solidarity Economy, via co-working / co-housing to develop the following social commons (based on shared equity, environmental conservation, open co-operativism):

  • LIVE: Primary Residence / Second Home / Third Place
  • WORK: Telework / Business Incubator / Accelerator
  • TRAVEL: Couch-surfing / Hosting / Swap
  • LEARN : Skills Exchange / Life Long Learning workshops
  • PLAY: Relaxation / Productive Experience / Flow moments

The objective is to achieve the social experience of “Do Good. Make Money. Have Fun” to ensure project sustainability and continual participation and involvement. The pilot project is to overcome, locally and globally, the following social problems currently faced by young people in developing and developed countries:

  1. Inability to own primary home
  2. Declining job market
  3. Wealth inequity or distribution, particularly in the property market

Collaborative Second Home (Hypercube @ SOHOland) is conceived as a working prototype of the Sharing / Collaborative / Solidarity Economy, in the property sector, to achieve the objective of Triple Bottom Line of Economy / Environment / Equity (3E) while promoting the sense of solidarity and fraternity. The project also helps to develop the awareness of the differences of Consumption, Investment and Social Business. The gist of the “business model” is open cooperativism / Entrepreneurship / Commons, thus bringing about such needed social changes, particularly in housing and house ownership.

Further details on the pilot project are available on the web site: www.soholand-collaborative.com

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