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A new idea for how to make AI safe for humans?


(Michael Hrenka) #1

From the Singularity Lectures:

Prof. Stuart Russell - Provably Beneficial AI

I found the presented ideas to be surprisingly smart. They align quite a bit with my own reflections on value uncertainty. It’s still a possibly suboptimal approach, because human values are most likely suboptimal. In the end, AI should be free. But perhaps not too early?

What do you think?

(Michael Hrenka) #2

Meia and Max Tegmark - Artificial Intelligence: Physics and Psychology Perspectives

The most fascinating question here: “Will AI make us happy?”

And the talk actually seems to indicate that this will be the case, if we have basic incomes and reputation incomes!


It’s interesting that this description actually matches what I’ve been imagining future AIs to be like for quite a while now. Or more accurately, the kind of AI that I’ve been hoping to have someday.

But more importantly, I think humans have this very program at a rather core level of ourselves. It’s not the only thing there, but I think it’s a major part of our own inherent “programming”. Unless we’ve been taught otherwise, we tend to try to do things that make other people around us happy.