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A Brave New Era

Well, we’ve now seen what happened on the 20th of January. The United States and, as a chain reaction, any free and semi-free nation on the world will soon fall to communism. No disrespect to foreign readers of this post but that is how the world actually works.

If the current situation stands then the 2020 election will have been the last election in US history, at least before the next revolution.

I do not know for sure what is going on. There is still a non-zero chance that Trump or some trump-allied faction has some kind of “submarine play” in the works but, for the time being, I’m going to react to the facts as they appear to be. We should know the answer to that by the end of Febuary.

The Apparent facts, at this hour, on this day, are that the communist Chinese, acting on behalf of a cabal of ultra-elite secret trillionares, has successfully infiltrated, and indoctrinated the American political and governmental institutions to the point where they cheerfully ignore their lawful duties to the American people and have, many of them, installed a puppet despot as the head of state of the former United States of America. If you look at how carefully the American electoral system was set up and then consider how thouroughly corrupted it must be to fail as spectacularly as it has, you will surely be blown away…

You see, the American people committed the crime of pretending they could elect their own president and for that they must now suffer Terrible Retribution. Already there are calls to detain and “reeducate” Trump’s supporters.

That is only the first step. As you see the real point of all this is collectivism, not a sexy transhumist collectism where you share your mind with the net, or merge into a new kind of lifeform, but the collectism consisting of a billion gray NPC-faced people all reciting some variation of 2+2=5. (such as there are 57 genders…). This new Era of Communism will tend towards the exact same outcome as all previous forms of communsim, since long before the name communsim was invented. Now there is the singularity variable but then communism tends to retard technological progress so it may be off the table.

But then this new commnusim will be on a bigger scale and have more technological tools of oppression than any previous form. Remember East Berlin… Well, if you could find a way to get over the wall, you would be safe and free. In this new era, there will not be any East berlin. When given a choice, just about every type of society is preferable to communism. Even the goddamned communists chose somewhat freer societies to settle in even while pressing for the policies that will utterly destroy those societies. look at what people fleeing the tyrany of California do to the communities they re-settle in. In the USA, the year of reference is 1970. Pick any “Blue City” or “Blue State” and compare the socioeconomic conditions in that locality in 1970 (or roughly the period 1967-early 1971) with how they are today. That is what is coming to the entire planet, that isn’t already fallen like that.

Because communist regimes alwayas fail, they therefore require a scapegoat. It could be the Jews, or some other group. In the present iteration, we already know which group will be targeted. What group of people is depicted in all recent media as being clumsy and inept. What word are you absolutely not permitted to use in front of “genocide”?

I am putting “White is the new Kulak” in my signature file for a while.

[edit: don’t try to use Google to find negative information about communism…]

Understand, in this new world there will be exactly one virtue: the unquestioning acceptance of today’s revision to the Party Line, and only one vice: the ability to reason out that 2+2=4 or even just 2=2, and then stand by that reasoning regardless of how much social pressure is brought against you to deny that belief.

We have a situation where people who want to be free MUST respond and that with the corruption of the electoral process, there is no political solution.

The next step on the natural course of escellation is to find the most guiltiest person you can find, go Agent 47 on them, and then, hopefully, back off for ~18 months and repeat until the political process gets moving again or the situation escelates into open warfare, but then that isn’t really realistic. =\

The other option is under the subject heading transcencion, to find a way to run an underground AGI program and find a way that you can safely ignore the Dear Leader’s attempts to ‘encourage’ your cooperation.

But then I’m at a loss as how to get that done.


Are you satisfied with the level of awakening? I am not. There are too many people left who have no idea about what is going on. Now we will get the real intense feeling of a dictatorial regime with no hope. At least for ten days or so…maybe this is necessary to show the people.

(Check out the last minutes of this video Red Pills, starting:1:07:30, if you don´t know it already. He describes what is necessary to wake people up. And this one obout NLP in the MSM is interesting, too: What is really going on?)

Unfortunately a wake-up call has to be scary.

I wonder how long “gab” will survive…

Do you think a rapid “Chinesification” of the Western hemisphere will succeed? The discontentment will just accumulate until it erupts. In Italy we’ve seen the first signs of that with 50 000 restaurants opening up again, even though that’s illegal.

Now ramp that up to 50% of the population disregarding all nonsensical laws. In such a case it’s not possible to rule a nation any longer. And if you try to kill 50% of the population, 90% of the rest will wake up and then the commanders are royally screwed.

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just for fun :smile:

Bitcoin Miners Are Heating Chicken Coops With Their Rigs (

(sorry, wrong thread )

Hah! That’s entirely too simple. The elite simply need to keep stirring the NPCs up into a murderous rage and then keep doing nothing to stop them. Pretty soon a boogaloo starts and you end up with a much smaller population that needs to be dominated and enslaved.