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$100 M Budget for a Better Future Organisation

This is a thought experiment. Imagine you would get a very special offer to create a Better Future Organisation. For that purpose, you would be chosen to get a single starting grant of $100 000 000 from the following source: A so called “Better Future Prize Foundation” in which a multitude of organisations of all kinds, as well as private donors raise the prize money of $100 M in order to give it to the author of the best proposal for a “Better Future Organisation”.

In this thought experiment it is assumed that you have written such a proposal and that you have actually won the prize challenge! So, your reply should be something like an outline of such a proposal.

You would be free to create an organisation according to your wishes. The only condition is that this organisation must have the explicit mission to work towards a better future. This organisation can be anything you want. It could be a company, a non-profit, a co-op, a think tank, a university, a decentralized network, or something you define in your own terms.

The $100 M are the only initial support you get for this task. Everything else you must set into motion on your own. So, my questions to you are:

  • What kind of organisation would you create?
  • How would the internal structure of that organisation look like?
  • What goals would your organisation pursue?
  • Which projects would the organisation support?
  • What would be the overall strategy for your organisation?
  • What would you spend on the $100 M exactly and why?

Note that I insist that you at least should try to answer the last question in as much detail as you are comfortable with (or even more).

Perhaps you wonder why I ask you to participate in this though experiment. The main reason is that I am curious what kinds of plans futurists like you can come up with to create a better future with a big single budget. Can you come up with a compelling vision, an effective organisation structure, and a solid budget? Do you possess the planning and leadership skills to make this organisation successful? If yes, this should shine through the proposal that you will hopefully write. And even if you think you are not completely up to the task, you could at least try to write the outline of a proposal to provide a basis for collective brainstorming.

Thank you very much! :smile:

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For background please read:

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