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What's the ideal discussion platform?

(Professor J. Moriarty) #22

also, when it saying ‘2 people like this’ , i have to click it to find out who? I’d like it to tell me in the mouse over popup.

(Michael Hrenka) #23

A workaround to that problem is to split up a long post into many smaller posts. In previous online forum this practice was frowned upon, because it would cause an inflated number of posts, and that number was used as a proxy for status on a forum. Discourse fixed that problem for us. Writing double, or triple posts, does not cause problems here!

You could also go overboard with that and select subsets of the post consisting of individuals letters that you liked. But that would be quite hilarious. If QP was integrated into Discourse and I was good at hacking Discourse, I would make is so that you could select a passage and allocate Esteem points to that (as alternative or complement to quoting that passage).