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Please allow me to introduce myself ;)

Hello, Fractal Future Forum friends!
Michael Hrenka was so kind to invite me into this fascinating Forum and Group and I am grateful.
Since I first have to read a little bit before I start to participate in your discussions I thought it might be best for everybody if you knew what our work is about:

It is now almost three decades since we (my husband Ralf and I) started with our work on our semantically and formally self-referential (and thus Turing complete) linguistic system based on a logic of cognition. The kernel of this system is now ready to be implemented into the internet and for some months now we are working on a complex calculus which delivers some fascinating applications. Some of them are simulations of complex, dynamic and self-referential systems like - for example - human communication and the human mind.
It will be published as a scientific paper/book. So far we have programmed five such simulations and we are about to program more. We can see - for example - that there are 64 different communication types or when it is the best time to implement a paradox intervention into a schizophrenic system. We can run the simulations with each other to find out which types are the most creative with each other or which will destroy each other. With the simulations we can show the necessity of conflicts, stress to self-referential systems like human beings or organizations - something psychiatrists and good managers as all systems theoreticians always knew - we now can deliver the undermining demonstrations to these theories. The simulations are applicable to prognostic purposes in various areas.
We can show how a child comes to the sign, that we all can not escape our semiosphere and more. We believe our work is fundamental to AGI and we have an interesting concept on how to build a clone-AI of everyone working with FORMWELT on a special pad, where we humans are no longer constrained by the bottleneck of linear language but can use almost 1 Million concepts in a holistic way. We all know that when we have ideas and we have to tell them to others or type them we slow ourselves down. Imagine what would happen if you have a language not built on singular words any longer but on complex concepts which you can use parallel and - as I said - holistic.
We are talking to scientists and business people in order to make FORMWELT happen for everybody to work with and to create this pad.

FORMWELT will also create a new job-market where everybody can present his or her ideas/work/concepts/solutions etc. Please read the articles in our blog if you are interested to learn more about us and our work.

These three decades ago we asked ourselves what is this thing which is needed the most by mankind, and our answer was: a language as sharp as possible so there will be no more misunderstandings on reference level any longer. The applications of FORMWELT are vast, as you can see when you read our information website. FORMWELT is a coding language to program meaning and other languages. Every language can be expressed in FORMWELT, any given phenomenon can be constructed with it. It is the differential-referential game of language Ludwig Wittgenstein has dreamt about, but it is at the same time 0/1, so it can be spoken and used by an AI. But you can speak German. When I talk or write to you, I use FORMWELT and you understand me. You do not have to know FORMWELT to understand me, but if you would know it, you would understand me far more better. You would KNOW what my concepts are, how I “tick” as we Germans say, what I EXACTLY mean, when I say “meaning” or “I”. You could follow the references given with every label to a level so precise you never have experienced before. And you could express your own thoughts in a way you never did before, because FORMWELT is, as it is built on the fundament of a logic of cognition, as near to your thoughts as anything ever could be.

If you are interested to learn more or to work with us do not hesitate to contact us. We have been patient for such a long time - now is the time to act, and we would love to come in contact with everybody serious and enthusiastic about a good future for everybody. Technology is a beautiful thing but humans have to evolve along with it or we get stuck.

You can contact us via email: , but of course I will answer any proper question here in this group as long as it does not conflict with out patent. Scientists, interested programmers and business-people can ask for a NDA to be signed so we can talk business.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to interesting discussions,


Thanks for your fascinating introduction. FORMWELT sounds like an awesome project. It’s something that could make clear communication between humans and AIs much more likely. And it could become the basis of a telepathic network, so that we don’t have to use conventional words (symbolic communication) anymore, but can get right into semantics directly – at least ideally. At least that’s how I imagine the “telepathy dialects” in my latest sci-fi story Guidance Withdrawal to work.

I’m interested in what you think about artificial languages like Lojban. Could you elaborate on parallels and differences of FORMWELT and Lojban, please?

Yeah, this sounds truely awesome, congratulations for your achievement! And yes! the time to act definitely has come! Looking forward to read your scientific paper/book!

Dear Michael,
thank you for your reply.
Yes, communication between AI and humans (and the other way around) would be far more efficient and clear. Even more: really understanding AIs could be built while observing humans working with FORMWELT. It is all about semantics. This the great players got, but what they - until today - did not get is how we create meaning. A telepathic network? In a way, yes, this is thinkable. When you communicate in FORMWELT you use normal words, but, right, every single word is a complex concept and thus we are at the bottom of semantics. I will read your sci-fi story this evening when I have more time. Thank you for sharing. FORMWELT and FORMpad can help to improve our holistic thinking and communicating. The problem with a technology supporting telepathy is at this point that human awareness is a rare thing. I am convinced that our normal language processing is one of the many reasons.
Lojban and other artificial languages have to be learned. FORMWELT you do not have to learn, at least not new words or symbols, because it is spoken in natural language, so you do not have to change a thing when you speak, you just become more aware. And it’s kernel is far more complex.
The parallels are that the idea, the aim have similarities: We want to help people to communicate clearer, to understand themselves and others better and we want to help them to become more intelligent.

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Thank you, rotorfan, I will keep you posted. It took us some time to find the right scientific connections. FORMWELT is a little bit like the helicopter landing in the middle age. But now we have them, so it is not a question of “if” any more but a question of “when”.

Michael, I forgot one important thing: As far as I know, and I have not tinkered myself much with it, Lojban is constructed on predicate logic, right? We have built FORMWELT on logic of cognition, a highly complex one. The problem with formal logic or predicate logic is that you can not express with it everything humans think. Our mind is not only true/false or determined/undetermined, we do not work that way. We have imaginations, we have marked and umarked space, we have indeterminacies, we have art. Wittgenstein has thought about that a lot. Since he wrote his tractatus he was not happy with its conclusions. He knew: there is more. A lot more.
In systems theory we know that everything starts with the paradox. Every functional system is exdifferentiating itself that way. We created a logic of cognition capable of representing and constructing every thinkable phenomenon, we now can even compute with art. It will all become clear when the paper is published.

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