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Formal Affiliation, Roles and Duties

As many members are requesting to go beyond and create a more formal structure, I here propose an approach to experiment with affiliation without losing from sight the fact that TPV is still in development.

We could use Bitnation, a platform that creates virtual contracts of all sorts. While is in alpha we could experiment with it, and this way we can learn what works and what not, changing and fitting everything to our real needs.
I’ve just talked with the developers of Bitnation and they offered guiding us with the use of their platform if we are interested.

We can experiment with other blockchain based contracts, like Etherium, but as Bitnation is open to suggestions we have the advantage of talking with the developers.

As you can see, we have the opportunity to please many of our members that wish to see formalization, while we keep an open ended state altogether. All without the hassle of committing permanently to one structure in particular, until we decide.

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The idea to formalize TPV as virtual party in an already existing virtual nation sounds quite fitting and compelling. Since Bitnation is the first technically mature virtual nation is seems like the right choice at the moment. But what happens when there will be many different virtual nations? Would TPV try to affiliate with all of them or stick to Bitnation? After all, TPV is seen as the global virtual branch of the Transhumanist Party. Global should mean that it is not restricted to any particular (even virtual) nation, or would you disagree with that interpretation?

Is up to the members to decide.

I agree that is not restricted, but remember there are many concepts of nation, and that the tools often do not define the nation.

We should be ok while we understand what the tools are for. And right now we need to define roles and affiliation in our community.

So, affiliating TPV with Bitnation wouldn’t imply that TPV restricts itself to Bitnation. We just want to use the tools of Bitnation, so we have to affiliate at least with Bitnation. That sounds like a very reasonable proposal. I’m all for it.

The question is how well formalization via the infrastructure of a virtual nation with virtual contracts works out in practice. Anyway, it’s certainly a cool idea.

We need to discover that in practice.
But be not in hurry, we are using virtual contracts because is experimental and we can change the details, and that gives us a pre-formalization before going full formalization.

Besides, we can gain from experience Bitnation, and it might like some of our members.

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Do you know how easy it is to exit from a virtual contract? Is there some reference to such informations?

Anyway, I want to hear more opinions on this. @Mark_Larkento, what do you think? Should we cooperate with Bitnation?

Agree: > “affiliating TPV with Bitnation wouldn’t imply that TPV restricts itself to Bitnation”

Agree: > “use Bitnation, a platform that creates virtual contracts of all sorts. While is in alpha we could experiment with it, and this way we can learn what works and what not, changing and fitting everything to our real needs”

My only caveat is to emphasise it is an experiment, not a formal structural decision.

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Being based on voluntarism, is repeated than not respecting a virtual contract has the consequence of being ostracised. And with Bitnation in alpha, it is implied that we can make changes on the run and without commitment.

Quote: "…those refusing to comply to the verdict of a mutually agreed upon arbitrator will be ostracized from our private law market and will have to return to using monopolistic government law providers…"

I agree.

For the moment is enough Bitnation, I will keep you informed but we need to speak other issues here.

There is one big issue to deal with and is commitment and allocation of responsibilities. Here is what I see, some people does seem to be willing to work for the community, not just TPV, but they hesitate by not seeing a clear structure.

Despite all that individuals say about wanting a decentralized group, is a common tendency to have guidance and seek support, for individuals to commit and get work done.

What can be done?

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What you need to understand is that without leadership nothing gets done, no matter whether a group is formally anarchistic or democratic or oligarchic or dictatorial. Leaders are those who initiate action. This means, in a decentralized group people need to step up and act as leaders to get the ball rolling. The more people do that, the more gets done.

Also, some rules and structures can help leaders become more effective, see

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Then we need a plan to convert passive members into active contributors. We need to define the needs a and wants of the community and present to the community guidelines on how to carry with those tasks.

Shall we start making a bullet list with tasks, but first we have to check the positions on TPV that already have people signed in and see if they remain committed to that.


The file with all of TPV’s principles is available to everyone and is linked in a pinned post.

When TPV was created, these were voted on by the entire membership.

It’s time to move on these ideas, Maximo.

I am working on with my college but as soon as I solve this will get to this.

Ok, I am about to start with the BitNation platform, if there is no objection please provide your emails (PM) so I can add you to the slack where the developers are working and we can start with the TVP experiment on roles.

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I suggest you provide your emails to Maximo by PM. Anyway, my email is no secret, so I post it here in the open. It’s

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I am now in position to experiment with contracts and affiliation in BitNation.

Everyone is invited to create affiliation contracts and models to propose and carry on with Bitnation.

Is there a link or how-to for that? How should affiliation contracts and models be structured?

Main page and platform:


Some details:

The best place for help is giving me the email to add you to their slack

That is exactly what we are discussing. We need to propose models.