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Collective worldbuilding project


(Michael Hrenka) #21

I don’t like “Breaking Future” as name, because it sounds like the future was broken. And, “Pythagoras Tree” as name for the sci-fi world would probably not be a good idea, because it describes something else.

And I still prefer the Mandelbrot fractal. It’s one of the most visually impressive fractals. If we want something fancier, we could use an image of a 3d fractal.

(Maximo Ramallo) #22

Fractal Future will be.

On the drawing, how about programming it and then scan the drawing? Mandelbrots are more easy programmed than drawn (and I ain’t even a good programmer):

(Maximo Ramallo) #23

How about these:

And there is more on the rossetacode link.

(Maximo Ramallo) #24

Holy mamma! There are even examples in scratch!!
Yeah, I can do that…

(Maximo Ramallo) #25

Hey, I made this one:

No programming, just used QFractalNow (yeah, I cheated).

(Michael Hrenka) #26

Nice fractals. One important question is in what sizes we need the banners and logos to be. Perhaps let’s not go overboard with details like these. Better discuss the graphical stuff in a different thread.

So, now that the name “Fractal Future” is accepted, I will soon create a category for it. I just need to figure out of fitting colour for it. Any suggestions? What colour should be associated with “Fractal Future”?

(Maximo Ramallo) #27

“The Colour Out of Space”?

Really, almost any array of colors is best for an enhanced “fractal” experience.

Or maybe just fluorescent greens and reds (or whatever color QFractalNow lets me work with).

PS: Better save the one you like because I might forget to save the configuration during my experimentation.

(Michael Hrenka) #28

Ok, cool. I’m just going with “luminous vivid spring bud”:

It’s a kind of fluorescent bright neon acid poison spring green that might just be used to the most rad old school hacker monitors. :smiley:

(Maximo Ramallo) #29

WTF? I can’t even…
Lets see what this software can do:

(Maximo Ramallo) #30

Here is a more “luminous vivid spring” version, bud:

(João Luz) #31

My god, 30 replies allready! I’m gonna let you guys discuss the graphic stuff because, frankly, I don’t have much to add to that discussion. But your really should start another topic instead of using this one.

Now let’s focus on other things. We really need a category for the project if we want to start working on the worldbuilding. I would suggest a fluorescent orange as color for that category.

(Michael Hrenka) #32

I’ve already just created that category. It’s a sub-category of the “projects” category. So, it may be slightly less visible. Do you think that’s a problem?

(João Luz) #33

Oh, I see we already have a category. Wonderful!

Now we just have to start working.

(João Luz) #34

Nope, for me it’s fine

(João Luz) #35

Lets make a small list of things to do in order to organize ourselves better

  1. Write an introductory text about the project which specifies our objectives and sets the main guidelines for developers.
  2. Finish designing the logo.
  3. Start coming up with ideas and discuss them.
  4. Write the first wiki articles as forum topics.
  5. Set up a general timeline for our universe.
  6. Start thinking about other platforms where we can recruit new collaborators for the project.

Radivis has already offered to take care of the logo and I can write the introductory text since the all thing was my idea. As to the other points, we wil have to help concretizing them.

(Michael Hrenka) #36

Generally agreed. But I’m not really eager to do the graphics stuff. I think Maximo looks more enthusiastic about playing with graphics :smile:

I’m more an idea person, though my talents are manifold :wink:

(Maximo Ramallo) #37

As I am overly enthusiastic about many things.
For me too the orange version is pretty, and it fits at least for now.

There is an important issue, and forgive me to speak now on complicated matters but this only adds strength and is best spoke now for the long run. Is about licensing.

I know it may seem cumbersome, but take a peak to this:

After that, you might want to look at the GFDL wikipedia article to expand your knowledge on the topic, even if by no means you intend to use that license:

What licenses to use for Fractal Future content?
(João Luz) #38

So, who’s working on the graphics after all?

(Maximo Ramallo) #39

I’m going to try learning to draw first.

Fortunate for me, there are free drawing lessons on the internet, which I plan to share with the forum.