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An Universal Language



I started to learn Esperanto. It’s a planned language that was constructed by Dr Ludwik Zamenhof in the 1880s to serve as global lingua franca. It’s intended to be as simple as possible without loosing the subleties and precision of many natural languages. After it’s creation, it received a lot of public response, millions of people began to learn it and there were clubs and congresses all over Europe. Zamenhof hoped that in the future all people would learn it after their native tongue to communicate with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, it never really took off. Today, only between two to ten million people speak it.

Other attemps on an universal world language were/are Volapük, Interlingua, Interglossa and Lingwa de Planeda. But Esperanto is the most prominent one.

What do you think about such attempts? Are we going to need such a language?

(Shackleford) #2

If mankind could get their asses up and work together as one (which much likely never will happen), then yes, we need a universal language. But I think it should be english, which already is some kind of universal language, from my point of view. It’s spoken and understood by sooo many people in the world. English is already there, we don’t need any freak language, which had/has to be “invented”.
But that’s all just my opinion…


But English isn’t international, it’s imperial, since it doesn’t belong to all of humanity, it’ rise was because of the British Empire’s global colonizations and the political, economical and cultural dominance of the United States since World War II.

(Shackleford) #4

Yes, you’re right. I can’t argue with that.
But english is deeply established in the world…
Maybe, sometimes you have to let go of the past.

(Kaily Boil) #5

you’re right