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VulpineCat: Introduction

(Darian) #1

Hey! Let me introduce myself.

My name is Darian and I usually go by VulpineCat online. I’m currently 21 years old and just about to move to Berlin to study. In recent years (starting around 2012) I’ve picked up a fascination with progress, technology and the like, which really must be little surprising seeing the nature of this forum.
I’ll begin my studies at as one of the first students to study there, and I am very excited about what’ll happen with that, I will gladly tell you about my experiences there as they happen.
Besides being deeply interested in technology and the possibilities of the future, I’m also invested in a few internet subcultures. As stated elsewhere in this forum already, one of them are the Bronies, aka. the new My Little Pony fandom, another would be the Furry fandom, as well as the subcultures build around multiple franchises like shows or games.
I do plan on joining the german TPD once I concluded moving to Berlin.

I’ll try my best to fully integrate into this community and it’s an experience I am looking forward to.
If you got any questions feel free to ask, an introduction is easier in a conversation than in a monologue - for me at least.


NEW? Bronies are that much “2012”… :wink:

(Darian) #3

NEW? Bronies are that much “2012”… :wink:

That was incredibly bad phrasing on my part; new as in the latest iteration of MLP.

(Benjamin Eidam) #4

Welcome in the Forum and in the TPD all the time :slight_smile: Looking forward to hear more from you (:

(Michael Hrenka) #5

Welcome to Fractal Future, VulpineCat. Thanks for introducing yourself. I’ve never known that CODE Berlin exists, but it sounds amazing! How did you learn about them, and why have you decided to study there? You mentioned your plans of moving to Berlin. Where do you come from originally?

(Darian) #6

I initially learned about them through the WIRED Magazine, after which I looked them up and kept an eye on them. I applied to them while applying to other universities. The application process they send you through is actually exciting in and of itself and I can only talk about this in a limited amount. The last part, however, is basically a 24-hour long Hackathon with other applicants which was the point that sold me.
I can see that jumping onto a project like this is risky, especially since it’s a new university and especially since it’s their first semester. However, I am willing to take that risk for the following reason: Even if the university fails to deliver on what they promised, it connects me with incredibly talented people who - like me - were willing to take that risk. So even if this derails I at least have this network, and I wager that this network plus some elbow grease is all I’d need to get somewhere.

Additionally, to this, the staff absolutely and completely believes in this project; as does the land government of NRW, as they already plan to basically mirror CODE, and initially fought to have CODE stationed in Cologne. There is a huge amount of support coming from the Berlin Founder Scene as well; they are also partnered with the Factory Berlin and their campus will be at the new Factory building. All-in-all I am pretty optimistic about the outcome of this.

I come from a small-ish city near Brunswick, called Helmstedt. Nowadays it’s pretty unimportant. It used to be a border town back before the German reunification. And even before that, it used to have a university. Although that closed its doors in 1810. So nowadays, while still being its own county, it’s slowly drifting into oblivion. In the past, there have been multiple talks about the fusion of Helmstedt and surrounding counties, most notably Wolfsburg.